January 18, 2021

Last minute on the coronavirus and political news

12:04 h

Pedro Sánchez asks “to put health precautions before another purpose” at Christmas: “It is more important to celebrate them in the coming years”

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has warned that a “critical stage” of the coronavirus pandemic will take place in the first months of next year, for which he has asked to put “health precautions before any other type of purpose”. Christmas.

“Experts predict that we will attend a critical stage of the pandemic coinciding with the first massive vaccines,” he said this Saturday at the PSOE headquarters during an intervention to present the plan ‘The Spain that we deserve 2021-2026’.

“This Christmas it is necessary that we put health precautions before any other purpose. Let us give security to those we want to continue together tomorrow,” he said.

In this sense, he has encouraged each socialist militant “to contribute their grain of sand”, setting an example. “It is much more important to celebrate Christmas in the coming years than this,” he assured.

Sánchez has insisted that the objective is to reduce the accumulated incidence to 25 infections per 100,000 inhabitants. “Today we are just over 300, so there is a long way to go,” he said.

The President of the Government has stressed that “the next few months will be decisive” to bend the contagion curve of this second wave of the pandemic, and has indicated that the vaccination plan is guided by “equality”.

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11:14 h

Catalonia adds 1,546 new infections and another 61 deaths from COVID

Catalonia has added 1,546 new COVID infections in the last 24 hours and has reported another 61 deaths from the disease, while the speed of spread of the virus (Rt) has dropped by one hundredth to 0.76 and hospital pressure continues to decrease.

According to epidemiological data updated this Saturday by the Department of Health, the number of people hospitalized for COVID-19 is 1,655 today, a total of 93 less than yesterday, of which 468 are in intensive care units, four less than the eve.

The risk of a re-outbreak of the coronavirus (EPG), the potential growth index of the epidemic, continues to decline and has stood at 216 points -18 less than yesterday-, far from the maximum of 1,046 points reached on October 23, although this This indicator still indicates a great danger, since from 100 it is considered a high risk.

Informs EFE.

10:53 h

China reports 6 new COVID-19 cases, all imported

China detected six new cases of COVID on Friday, all of them from abroad, compared to the five it had recorded the day before, the National Health Commission reported today. Imported infections were recorded in the provinces of Fujian (2, southeast), Tianjin (1, northeast), Zhejiang (1, east), Sichuan (1, southwest) and Yunnan (1, southwest).

On the same day, no new suspected cases were detected and 24 patients were discharged, while 893 close contacts of those infected were no longer under medical observation. Active patients from abroad rise to 259, four of them serious, of the total of 3,832 confirmed cases from abroad since the beginning of the pandemic.

The total of assets stands at 285, eight of them serious, out of a total of 86,501 registered since last January, which have produced 4,634 deaths. 81,582 patients have been discharged and four suspected cases are still under observation.

Informs EFE.

10:36 h

Germany touches 21,700 infections a day, with a tendency to slow down

Germany registered 21,695 infections in the last 24 hours, according to updated figures from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), which despite the high incidence of infections show a trend towards a slowdown in new cases of covid-19.

On Saturday of the previous week, the number of new infections stood at 22,964 cases, according to the RKI, competent in the matter in Germany. The absolute maximum in one day in Germany, since the beginning of the pandemic, was registered on Friday the 20th, when 23,648 new cases were reported.

However, the number of fatalities in the last 24 hours is still very high, with 379 deaths; but it also implies a setback compared to the maximum registered in one day, the 410 that was registered last Wednesday.

Throughout the pandemic, the number of deaths with or from covid-19 in Germany thus stands at 15,965. The total number of infections verified by the RKI amounts to 1,028,089, of which 711,000 are considered recovered patients.

Informs EFE.


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