March 1, 2021

Last minute on the coronavirus and political news

08:15 h

The Ayuso Government is looking for volunteers among the MIRs to make up for the lack of doctors in Zendal

The Community of Madrid chaired by Isabel Díaz Ayuso is looking for volunteers among the Resident Internal Doctors (MIR) – doctors who have not yet finished their specialty – to make up for the lack of toilets at the Nurse Isabel Zendal hospital. The Ministry of Health confirms to that it is “finalizing a regulation” so that there are “voluntary rotations” of residents who want to go to the new emergency center. The controversial hospital, which according to the Madrid president was going to “astonish the world”, has found even before its inauguration great difficulties to equip itself with staff due to the refusal of most of the health personnel in the region to be transferred to the pandemic hospital . “The residents would do it in a programmed way within their training cycle,” they explain from the department headed by the counselor Enrique Ruiz Escudero about the project to try to make up for the staff deficit with MIR doctors. “We are going to regulate it through the teaching commissions, although it is not yet activated,” these same sources add.

Write Fatima Caballero and Sofía Pérez Mendoza.

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08:11 h

Irregular vaccination of politicians, health managers and family members alerts about compliance with the immunization plan

Out-of-protocol vaccinations of politicians, health managers and people outside the priority groups in the Region of Murcia, the Community of Madrid and the Basque Country are overshadowing the immunization plan against COVID-19. In these autonomous communities, the administration has been extended to groups other than the groups designated in the first phase of the Vaccination strategy (vulnerable people such as the elderly in residences or dependents and first-line health workers). The Ministry of Health has insisted after knowing these cases that “we must follow the strategy agreed and agreed with the autonomous communities and that sets the priority groups in this first stage.” Spain has so far administered one million doses (76% of what was received). 2.17% of the population has received the serum. It is the second country in the European Union and seventh in the world in vaccine deployment.

Raúl Rejón writes.

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