March 3, 2021

Last minute on the coronavirus and political news

09:30 h

ANALYSIS | Decisions must be made now so as not to regret the consequences of the new strain

The pandemic caused by Covid-19 continues to hit the world hard and the number of confirmed cases now stands at 75 million people. Europe registers almost a third of these cases with a little more than 23 million people affected and Spain already has around 1.8 million confirmed cases and, according to the latest round of the seroprevalence survey, it is estimated that the The number of people residing in Spain who have been infected over these ten months is almost 4.5 million. Since the current state of alarm was declared in our country at the end of October, more than 750,000 cases have been registered and more than 14,500 people have already died, a very high number that cannot be considered solely as collateral damage.

Today in Spain we are facing a truly worrisome epidemiological situation since, after the gradual decrease in the incidence that had been observed for a few weeks, we have already experienced a sustained growth in the incidence of COVID-19 for several days after the restrictive measures that had been relaxed been commissioned.

José Martínez Olmos, Daniel López-Acuña and Alberto Infante Campos write.

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09:13 h

The “complex application” of the Pfizer vaccine poses a challenge for health workers, who ask for “specific training”

“The vaccine is very complex to apply.” This is how a health center director describes the Pfizer / BioNTech serum with which Spain will start immunization against COVID-19 on December 27. The ultra-frozen vials must be thawed, diluted and thus obtained five doses that must be extracted from the same vial with five syringes for five people. “It takes almost an hour,” concludes the toilet. The Spanish Society of Primary Physicians has requested this Tuesday “specific training” to carry out the campaign “with full guarantee.”

In the SEMERGEN they explain that “most professionals” have not yet received instructions on the process, although it is true that the first phase will be with residents and workers of nursing homes. The vaccines will go there. “The residential care units have had some training, at least in Madrid,” the same director explains to The Spanish Society of General and Family Physicians (SEMG) adds that “training is being given, but there is a lack of specific information on how the vaccination plan will be in Primary Care”.

Writes Raúl Rejón.

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09:04 h

More fear of loneliness or the virus: how are the elderly in the house going to spend Christmas?

Laura has been locked up at home for two weeks, where it does not even come out to make the purchase. The reason is that on the night of the 24th he will move to town to go to dinner with his 96-year-old grandfather Ramón. The idea in principle was that it was nobody, but he has negotiated it because “his soul falls to the ground thinking of leaving him alone on Christmas Eve,” he says. Loneliness or exposure to the virus. This dichotomy that Laura’s family faces represents all those who have elderly people outside the nucleus of coexistence, especially now that the constraints for Christmas are tightening due to a general rebound in infections.

After so many months locked up at home, there are those who think that for four meetings it is not worth exposing the grandparents in full climb of the curve. Others, like Raquel Mera, a health psychologist specializing in the elderly, believe that “Christmas dates are key to the mental health of these people because they associate it with custom and culture.” In any case, she advocates taking precautions before sitting down at the table with a risky person, such as voluntary quarantines, distancing and the mask.

Writes Mónica Zas.

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08:40 h

The perimeter closure begins in Madrid that allows trips for visits to relatives or friends

The Community of Madrid will remain perimeter from 00.00 hours today, December 23, until January 6, included, not being able to enter or leave the region except for justified reasons such as going to the doctor or work, but trips to other territories to visit relatives and friends on the occasion of the Christmas holidays.

Some 7,000 national police and civil guards will monitor compliance with mobility restrictions and the rest, so they could request a receipt to the Madrilenians who leave the region.

The regional government has launched a simple safe-conduct so that the Madrilenians who leave Madrid for the stipulated causes can present it to the agents in case they are required during the new perimeter closure of the region, which begins this Wednesday and will last until January 6th.

This model of responsible declaration, which can be downloaded in the section ‘Information about the coronavirus’ of the website of the Community of Madrid, includes the personal data of both the person traveling and the family member or close friend to visit, to justify travel these days to other territories, which are the habitual residence of relatives or close friends on the occasion of the Christmas holidays.

Reports Europa Press.

08:36 h

Europe tightens restrictions at Christmas amid rising cases and new strain of coronavirus

Europe is entering its COVID Christmas at a time of a new upturn in cases, mainly in the western part of the continent. Transmission continues to be widespread and intense in much of Europe, with records in countries such as the United Kingdom and Germany. In recent days, the increase or the stagnation of the figures has forced several governments to backtrack on their initial plans and to tighten the battery of restrictions to try to prevent the curve from spiraling out of control after the holidays.

Icíar Gutiérrez and Raúl Sánchez write.

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