January 20, 2021

Last minute of the storm and the pandemic

10:13 h

Mercamadrid reopens and “progressively” resumes its activity

Mercamadrid has opened its doors this Tuesday after a total of 165 trailer trucks with merchandise have been able to access the great Madrid market this Monday. Most of the supermarkets will open and supplies will be normal, although some queues cannot be ruled out, as reported by the wholesaler on Twitter, which plans to “gradually” resume its activity.

So far this day an influx of more than 1000 trucks has already been registered in the Mercamadrid food unit, when during a normal day around 800 are received, according to the Director of External Relations at RNE.

From the Mercamadrid facilities, the vice mayor of the capital Begoña Villacís reiterated on Monday that the supply of the capital and the Madrid region is “guaranteed”.

“Mercamadrid shows that in such complicated moments it is a critical infrastructure that is proof of all challenges. We have worked intensively all weekend, with the support of the UME to have accesses released”, he stated below.

With information from Europa Press

10:03 h

Stories of snow and ice in emptied Spain: without light or heating in the health center and isolated in the mountains

21 hours without electricity, without heating or telephone or internet in the Retuerta del Bullaque Health Center, in Ciudad Real, a town that does not reach 1,000 inhabitants in the foothills of the Cabañeros National Park.

It is one of the consequences of the storm Filomena in combination with a cold front in central Spain. “We have oil heating that only works with light, a microwave, ceramic hob, no hot water in the thermos … And then no landline, no mobile phone, internet or television,” says Reyes, a nurse at the health center who tells how since Friday at night, in the middle of a red warning due to snowfall “it was impossible to communicate with 112, we do not know if there were emergencies”.

Added to that was the impossibility of moving the vehicle for the center’s emergencies. “He was locked in the yard and covered in snow. Yesterday when the sun came out we even used the footrests of the wheelchairs to clean it with buckets of hot water and it took us two hours ”.

Writes Carmen Bachiller

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09:48 h

Israel records a new record for daily coronavirus infections and exceeds 500,000 in total

The Israeli Health Ministry announced today that 9,589 new cases of coronavirus were detected this Monday, the highest number since the beginning of the pandemic and that brings the total number of infections to more than half a million.

It had been more than three months since Israel had registered a maximum number of infections, and this time it is almost three weeks after the third confinement began and while a rapid vaccination campaign is advancing.

This new record, however, coincides with an increase in the tests carried out, which surpassed 129,000 yesterday, placing the positive rate at 7.6%. At the beginning of October, when a maximum number of infections close to 9,000 had been registered, the number of tests was much lower and more than 13% had been positive.

With the new cases detected, Israel, with nine million inhabitants, reached 504,269 infected since the beginning of the pandemic, of which almost 75,000 are still active and more than 1,000 in serious condition.

EFE reports.

09:29 h

Train circulation between Madrid and Barcelona restored

Train traffic between Madrid and Barcelona has already been restored, Renfe has reported through its social networks. Early this morning, the connection between the two cities was interrupted due to an “electrification” failure. The line had been restored this Monday around noon.

09:22 h

China adds 42 local coronavirus infections among 55 new infections

The National Health Commission of China reported today that the Asian country diagnosed 55 new positives of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus this Monday, of which 42 were local infections.

The latter were mostly detected in the northeastern province of Hebei (40), the scene of an outbreak that has prompted authorities to seal off the provincial capital and carry out a second round of nucleic acid analysis on the 11 million inhabitants.

The other two local infections were detected in Beijing and in Heilongjiang province (northeast), two points that have minor outbreaks.

As for the other 13 cases, diagnosed in travelers from abroad, they occurred in Shanghai (east, 4) and in the provinces of Liaoning (northeast, 3), Tianjin (northeast, 2), Fujian (southeast, 1), Henan (center-east, 1), Canton (southeast, 1) and Shaanxi (center, 1).

EFE reports.

09:07 h

Almost 91 million infected with coronavirus in the world, according to Hopkins University

The number of covid-19 cases in the world is close to 91 million, while the death toll is close to 2 million, according to the John Hopkins University count.

In the calculation that appears on the website of that independent university, the total number of infected is 90,891,380, with the United States leading with 22,613,784, followed by India with 10,479,179, Brazil with 8,131,612 , Russia with 3,389,733 and the United Kingdom with 3,127,643.

Regarding Latin America, Colombia is in eleventh place, with 1,801,903 cases, Argentina in twelfth with 1,730,921 and Mexico in thirteenth with 1,541,633.

Spain ranks ninth with 2,111,782 infected.

The number of deaths worldwide reaches 1,944,750, with the United States in first place (376,060), followed by Brazil (203,580), India (151,327), Mexico (134,368) and the United Kingdom (82,096).

Among the European countries with the highest mortality rates, in addition to the United Kingdom, which occupies the fifth place globally, Italy appears in sixth place (79,203), France in seventh (68,197), Russia in eighth (61,389) and Spain in tenth (52,275) ).

EFE reports.

08:37 h

Germany registers 12,802 new cases of coronavirus and 891 deaths from coronavirus

Germany added 12,802 new cases of coronavirus in the last 24 hours, in addition to 891 deaths, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the national epidemiological center, reported on Tuesday.

The number of infections remains clearly below the highs of the last two weeks, although experts ask for caution due to the influence of the weekend and the effect of the Christmas and New Year holidays. The daily death toll, for its part, remains very high, although far from the highs of last week.

The record of infections was registered on December 18, with 33,777 cases, and that of deaths, last Friday, with 1,188 people.

The accumulated incidence in the last seven days in the country as a whole has risen to 164.5 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. The rate is below the 197.6 reached on December 22, but a long way from the German government’s goal of reducing it to 50.

EFE reports.

08:24 h

These are the minimum temperatures registered this morning by the Aemet: -25.4ºC in Bello (Teruel)

Provisional data from the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET), reflect the freezing temperatures recorded tonight on the Peninsula. According to the latest update:

Bello, Teruel -25.4ºC

Molina de Aragón, Guadalajara -25.2ºC

Santa Eulalia del Campo, Teruel -23.0ºC

Calamocha, Teruel -21.3ºC

Teruel, Teruel -21.0ºC

Daroca, Zaragoza -18.5ºC

Alhama de Aragón, Zaragoza -18.0ºC

Sigüenza, Guadalajara -16.8ºC

Puerto El Pico, Ávila -16.4ºC

Cuéllar, Segovia -16.1ºC

In the city of Madrid, specifically in the Ciudad Universitaria station, -10.4ºC has been recorded; in Salamanca -7.6º have been reached; in Lleida, -5.7ºC.

Twelve communities maintain the alert on Tuesday for extreme minimum temperatures of up to 16 degrees below zero, four of them -Madrid, Aragon, Castilla y León and Castilla-La Mancha in red warning, reports the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) on its website .

The extreme cold wave that Spain suffers has put communications in check, vaccination against COVID and going back to school. The climate crisis is behind these types of cold waves, which cause greater mortality than heat.

08:18 h

Train traffic between Madrid and Barcelona interrupted

Circulation on the AVE and medium-distance line that connects Madrid, Zaragoza and Barcelona is interrupted at this time due to an “electrification” fault, although it is expected that circulation will be restored throughout the morning. The connection had been restored this Monday at noon.

“Due to an electrification failure, the circulation between Madrid and Barcelona is suspended. The AV and Media Distancia line that connects Madrid-Zaragoza-Barcelona has been affected. It is estimated that the line will be reestablished throughout this morning,” he reported Renfe through social networks.


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