Last minute of the final stretch of the electoral campaign in Andalusia

8:37 a.m.

The PP would win the Andalusian elections and increase its advantage over PSOE and Vox in the latest polls

The Andalusian campaign enters its final stretch. Six days before the elections are held and before last night's debate took place, compiled the different surveys that have been released to examine how the result of each candidate is projected. The winner of the elections in all the polls is the PP, which would obtain around 36.7% of the votes. This translates into a rise of almost 16 points compared to December 2018, when he won 20.8% of the votes and came in second place. One of the most optimistic surveys is that of GAD3 for ABC, which places the popular above 40%.

The second in the polls is the PSOE, which according to the average of the polls that this newspaper has examined, would obtain 24.8% of the votes. They are therefore far from repeating the result of almost four years ago, when they won the elections by taking 27.9% of the votes. The rise of the PP not only distances it from the PSOE, it also distances it from Vox, which although it will improve its results, these days it is falling: if the polls have come to give it 19% of the votes, now it remains at 16.3 %. The data, however, is better than that of the last elections, when it was done with 11%.

After Vox appears Por Andalucía, a formation that the polls place at 8.8%, a figure slightly lower than a few weeks ago, when it managed to get close to the 10% barrier. On the contrary, Adelante Andalucía rises, although it did not manage to exceed 5% of the votes, now it is done according to the average of the last polls with three tenths more and even in others it is above 6%. Ciudadanos is the worst unemployed and less than a week before the elections, they would not be able to exceed 4%.

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