March 4, 2021

Last interview with LA RAZÓN

The actor Arturo Fernández has died today at 90 years of age. This was the last interview he gave to La Razón on March 28, 2018.

Arturo Fernández (Gijón, 1929) is not only the man of the "chatín" and the "chatina". Not only is he the actor who has been filling armchairs for more than 65 years. Not only is the quintessential figure of the "Spanish heartthrob", which, by the way, does not tire him, but it worries him when he sees that maintaining the physique "is not so easy", he acknowledges, "that's why my papers go turning towards the man who at some time was it ». Arturo Fernández It is also that man who, worried, stops to think about what all this is that we have around us and to see where we are going.

He has been a man of compliments all his life, how do you see that now they consider something offensive, because we embraced too much the politically correct or a runaway feminism?

A bit of everything. A compliment as a manifestation of respectful admiration and good taste I do not think I can bother. The necessary and just cause for equal rights between men and women has little to do with the use that is wanted and is being made of it: women are much more complete than men and therefore different. It does not seem positive to me to turn women and men into enemies.

It was time to raise your voice for a real rights match, right?

Totally agree. But this equality does not imply identity. I insist, we are different and in the difference, the woman surpasses us long … Sincerely, Working Women's Day seems to me an absolutely discriminatory concept for women, at least, as long as there is not a Day of the Working Man. In the same way that I think that no woman likes to be included in an electoral list or in a Board of Directors because you have to meet a quota. Equal rights will come hand in hand with education and regulations that prevent employment discrimination. With all due respect, the March 8 strike was, at the very least, misplaced, on the streets of Iran or Saudi Arabia, I would have fully understood it. I think there is a lot of manipulation of the subject in the society in which we live.

Saying that "it was another era" justify the mistakes of the past?

No, but they are contextualized, reasons or unreason are explained. What does not make sense is to get feedback with them. Taking a political slice of the past seems to me a form of involution and an attempt against unjustifiable coexistence. It has been hard for us to overcome the failures so that some, now, faced with their inability to propose exciting future projects, dedicate themselves to raising tombs.

History comes and goes, they say. Today we go forward or backward?

I think everything is cyclical. When we have almost everything, there is an involution that only wants to destroy so that the mediocre can thrive. But Spain is a very large nation that has overcome very terrible situations and has managed to be in the front line in many things: infrastructure, large companies, health, solidarity, gastronomy … We are going forward, badly despite some.

In that future, do you think Arturo Fernández in retirement?

Theater is my passion and what makes me happy … As long as I do not retire, God or the public …

Do you know what pension you have left after so long on stage?

No idea, I have not retired. And look, I would have the right to do it for the years I've been paying … From the age of 65 I could charge in the periods when I'm not up to the tables, but I understand that my profession allows me to live with dignity and that "Dad State" , that we are all, is to manage the resources of all, to give us equal opportunities of departure and to serve those who, truly, do not have the capacity to generate the necessary resources to survive.

Do we have a problem with this pension system?

Yes. And difficult to solve. Every time less children are born and our life expectancy is greater and, in addition, the crisis, recently overcome, has decapitalized the cash … But the solution is not to promise what can not be fulfilled, which is what some are doing with an absolute irresponsibility and trying to manipulate the vote of a collective that deserves much more respect. Collective that some of those who want to manage want to deny them the right to vote: We can "dixit" those who are 16 years old and not those over 65.

Good part of your audience belongs to this group, are they being used?

Yes, for the usual ones. Those who, by the way, did not provoke them when President Zapatero, even denying the crisis that devoured us, froze them.

Is it a priority to raise pensions?

There is no measure that you would like to take any government. Both because it is a collective that deserves and needs to improve their living conditions, and because doing so would translate into a seedbed of votes. But I also believe that no executive should spend more than there is, nor should any aspiring La Moncloa promise what he knows is impossible. Another thing is that the security of the pension fund must be a priority of any government and that there are lots of expenses that are wasteful. Among others, surely those that come from the triplicity of public administrations.

We may want to legalize the "top blanket" and the world of silent culture, do you want to throw the first stone?

Charmed! If it were not for the seriousness of talking about something that could compromise the future of Spain, I would say that hearing or seeing the things that Podemos says and does remind me of my admired theater company La Cubana, only that these are great, art … And those of Pablo Iglesias are an authentic social scourge that tries to manipulate emigrants, women, retirees, homosexuals … They do not care, without shame, even if they are dedicated to advising the countries that discriminate the most in the world. That the culture is silent? Which one? The one that thus calls itself, the one that practices the sectarianism, the cronyism and protects itself in small groups of power? No, that is the one that self-judges the monopoly of the right to say and to be called "culture".

Does the culture have an ideology?

Should not. The artist, yes, and is free to express it if he considers it appropriate. But having one or another ideology does not make you worse or better artist.

How should we help culture?

If it is based on subsidies, my opinion is known: I only believe that they should be used for projects of undoubted general interest whose cost makes them unaffordable to the private initiative. I have not asked for or received any subsidy and I can assure you that my staging has spared no expense. And they have been amortized! The subsidies are very dangerous, they tend to the pesbrianism. But there are many ways to help and pamper the culture, among others avoiding the sectarianism and the cronyism that prevails.

Who lies more, a politician or an actor?

An interpreter on stage does not lie because the listener knows he is acting. There are liars in all professions, but I do not think it's healthy to generalize. There are many honest politicians with an authentic vocation for service. Those who scream the most are the ones who most often lie.

I do not know if screaming, but hitting hard come young people, is there efebocracy?

No, but youth is overvalued as a value in itself. One of the characteristics of her is to think herself better, smarter and more prepared than her elders, but that has always been the case. In general terms, we have a better prepared youth, although the experience is a grade and I confess that I would be young again without thinking twice.

What do millennials have to learn from you?

Not from me, but from my generation. They must collect the value of effort, the sense of responsibility, the value of merit, the desire to excel, respect for experience and something very important: that nothing and nobody is obliged to meet our needs while we have the ability to work.

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