Last hours: Enjoy three months of free digital content from La Provincia

If you are not yet a subscriber to LA PROVINCIA, this is your opportunity to become part of this community for a whole year for 25.99 euros. Our annual subscription offer with three months free is about to expire. Are you still thinking about it? Just We are entering the last hours of the campaign that will allow you to access all the digital content of the leading newspaper in the Canary Islands, saving you 9 euros a year on the usual price of the annual subscriptionl, which is 34.99 euros.

The 9 euros of fair savings are equivalent to the cost of three months of the annual subscription, so you have three months of free access to the premium content of THE PROVINCE.

If you want to see it differently, with this discount, the annual subscription costs 7 cents a day, instead of 10 of our price without offer. In turn, the monthly cost for paying the annual subscription of 25.99 euros is reduced to 2.16 euros. Think about what you can pay with 2 euros and appreciate that for a little more per month you can become a premium reader of THE PROVINCE and access all its digital content of a journalism made from the Canary Islands: the information, the photos, the videos and the explanatory graphics.

Subscribing to LA PROVINCIA gives access to all the information published in the different paper editions of the newspaper and to the breaking news posted in the digital edition. Also to the supplements and all the multimedia content that enrich the web and that complete a unique commitment to regional information. The newspaper accompanies you and explains the news. Click in this link to access the promotion.

With this offer, LA PROVINCIA, the leading newspaper in the Canary Islands in both its paper and digital editions, wants to strengthen its commitment to the reader. Take advantage of this opportunity and become a subscriber.


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