Last days to buy Christmas Lotera 2019 – La Provincia

The draw for December 22 It is just around the corner and the nerves for the hope of being awarded a prize begin to appear. Also, if we have been clueless so far, there is still time for buy some tenth that we have pending or that we have gotten between eyebrow and eyebrow.

The Christmas lottery It began to be sold, as every year, in the summer months, although it is in the previous weeks when more tenths are purchased. And although we have had time to acquire them, many people rush to the last moment for the purchase. The deadline is this Saturday, December 21. The only downside is that some number may be over and you may have to queue in the administration.

If you do not know what number to take, you can rely on dates, lucky numbers or statistics.
If you want to find in which points of sale certain tenths are distributed, then find them in our Christmas Lottery number finder.


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