Last day to buy Lotera del Nio - La Provincia

Do you already have your tenths for the Children's Lottery? If you have not bought a ticket yet, you still have time to get one. This Monday, January 6, the draw for the Child is held in the Sweepstakes Hall of the State Lottery and State Betting Society (SELAE), which takes over from the Christmas Lottery and this year distributes a total of 700 million Euros in prizes.

Unlike the Christmas raffle, in the Children's Lottery you can buy tenths up to two hours before the event is held. That is, the purchase of tickets is allowed until 10:00 am on Monday, January 6.

Do you have a favorite number? Most Spaniards buy the tenths looking for a specific number. Birthdays, anniversaries, dates indicated € are some of the criteria that guide us when making the purchase. The 0 is the 'favorite' termination of the first prize of this Extraordinary Sweepstakes of 'El Niño', having come out on a total of 21 occasions, according to the figures provided by the State Lottery and Betting Society of the State (SELAE).

How does the Child's raffle work?

The draw is made through the so-called multi-drum system and the issuance of this traditional Christmas event amounts to a total of 50 series of 100,000 tickets each, at the price of 200 euros the ticket, divided into tenths of 20 euros. Being the total issue is 1,000,000,000 euros.

Remember you can follow the draw of the Child live on our website and check in real time if you are one of the prizes in our Child Lottery Checker.

The awards of the Child
The First Prize is 2,000,000 euros per series, which is a total of 200,000 euros per tenth; the Second Prize, of 750,000 euros per series or 75,000 euros per tenth; and the Third Prize, of 250,000 euros per series or 25,000 per tenth.

In addition, there are 20 prizes of 3,500 euros per series and another 1,400 prizes of 1,000 euros per series, among others.


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