Last day of the IBEX in a year to forget

Last day of the IBEX in a year to forget

We closed the year with a final positive session within our selective, which fails to make up a disastrous 2018. Difficult task entrusted to our index in a day in which only has paid half a session and in which the negative accumulated of the year with a double digit, which we had not seen for more than five years, was difficult to solve. It does not console either that we have closed far from the lows of the exercise and we have moved away from the area of ​​8,500 points.

Next year the uncertainties will not dissipate from one day to the next, but the positive thing that we can extract is that the sources of volatility are already known and the negativity that they could cause in the market, seem to be discounted during this year that we finished. For all these circumstances, it is possible that 2019 will be a year in which stock markets focus more on macroeconomic results, on the global economy and the movements that generate data in the different economic entities. With which next year it is expected that the main actors are, more than ever, the central banks.

At the corporate level we highlight today's IBEX almost full green, which means the good performance of the construction sector with ACS at the head, the manufacturing sector led by Acerinox and the utilities that confirm its great year, positioning itself Naturgy and Endesa as the companies with the highest profitability in the year, with more than 20% revaluation.


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