Thu. Apr 18th, 2019

last blind auditions, live

La Voz: últimas audiciones a ciegas, en directo

Luis: "I'm looking for emotion."

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Paulina "I look for authenticity."

Antonio: "Of course I'm not going to win, it's going to win
talent I'm in the Orozco team. "

Flamenco, rock, delicate or overwhelming voices, talents of Pablo López They make up a compact team that will give a lot to talk about in battles of La Voz.

The Spanish presenter
Eva González will once again exercise as a teacher of ceremonies. With
Pablo López out of the competition, being the first 'coach' with the team closed,
Paulina Rubio,
Luis Fonsi Y
Antonio Orozco will continue fighting to form the best team of '
The voice'

coaches they will use all their weapons to take the
talent to your team, from the blocking button to the best speeches. Today we will live the last night of '
Blind auditions' of
The Voice 2019. Enjoy the program!

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