‘laSexta Noticias’ apologizes for reporting on the man who claimed to have been in a coma for 35 years

Manel Monteagudo.
the sixth

‘the sixth Noticias’ wanted to acknowledge to its viewers the mistake made when informing and giving voice to Manel Monteagudo, the man known for claiming he had been in a coma for 35 years. Despite the incongruities in the facts, there were many media that dealt with the matter until the man himself acknowledged that his testimony was false.

The informative space of the chain of Atresmedia He apologized this Friday after interview the protagonist and report on his case which could be seen on the air in the middle of the week. During the afternoon of Thursday the story was denied and the Atresmedia chain preferred to apologize for the mistake.

Its presenter explained in detail how the events were: “The story came to us through the Efe agency and we completed talking with the protagonist.” “As we move forward in this story we have encountered difficulties, doubts and contradictions that have made us rectify”, assured the audience

Immediately afterwards, they wanted to give a broad explanation of the error: “In the face of the surprising headline, many media, including this newscast, we hasten to tell it.” The argument was accompanied by the words of several experts: “I have never seen someone wake up after 35 years. It is possible, but it would be an exceptional case.”


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