Las Vegas appeals to unity one year after the "unforgettable" shooting

Authorities and residents of Las Vegas (Nevada) today appealed to the unit to overcome the "unforgettable" death of 58 people on October 1, 2017 in a massive outdoor concert, in which is the largest massacre by firearm in the recent history of the United States.

"Today we remember the unforgettable, today we comfort the inconsolable," said Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval, in an act of homage to the victims on the first anniversary of the massacre, in which he also stressed that "today we have to remember that pain really never goes away. "

The governor, who ordered the flags in official buildings to fly at half mast, addressed hundreds of people, including survivors, relatives of fatalities and the 887 wounded and police and doctors who went to the scene of the shooting after receiving calls of emergency.

Sandoval said they could never and should not recover "completely from that tragic night" and highlighted the unity that arose in the city of the shooting: "We became one, one community, one family." We cried, we mourned and decided to become Vegas Strong "

The state leader made reference to the phrase "Vegas Strong", that same night emerged and that seems to have replaced the famous slogans related to the city, very linked to leisure, and today wore on their shirts hundreds of students and teachers of local schools

"Vegas Strong" is a source of pride for locals who recognize that on October 1, 2017 marked a before and after not only those attending the country music festival Route 91 who fell or fled under the bullets of Stephen Paddock from a room at the nearby Mandalay Bay hotel for reasons that are still unknown.

US President Donald Trump also had a few words today for the victims of a "horrible" event and from the White House said that the whole country is with them, "afflicted by the lives lost and by the families they left behind" .

Trump said that legislation will be ready in the coming weeks to prohibit devices that can be placed in semi-automatic weapons to fire faster than those used by Paddock before committing suicide.

Tourists see today throughout the Las Vegas hotel corridor the reminders that remind of the tragedy and even in the famous notice that welcomes the "Strip", the main artery of the city, instead of the image of the rock icon Elvis Presley today there are 58 white crosses with the names of the fatalities of the shooting.

The victims are also honored with a photographic exhibition in Las Vegas with their faces, while country radio stations dedicated a minute of silence to them.

Hours after the tragedy the call made by hospitals and blood banks for citizens to donate blood took effect and the ranks were endless, solidarity that today is remembered with a new day of blood donation.

One of these places is the University Medical Center (UMC, in English), the hospital to which the most seriously injured were transferred, and whose director of Public Relations, Scott Kerbs, assured Efe that this day simply seeks to honor the victims through the "donation of life".

UMC today offers a free class on how to stop a deadly hemorrhage or how to treat a large wound, make tourniquets and apply pressure while professional help arrives.

"This year we have trained more than 6,000 people in this procedure that can literally save a person's life," he said.

Throughout the day and the next night different vigils have been convened to honor the victims, survivors, police officers, paramedics, firemen and emergency personnel who attended the tragedy that night.

One of those vigils is planned in the BBS-Mente Sana, one of the few centers that offer emergency attention and treatment in mental health in Spanish and where dozens of Hispanics who worked at the concert still receive therapy.

"The idea is to recognize the survivors, all those who were working that night in services, food and that ended up saving lives." We want to remember that, although the wounds have not finished healing, we are united and we will continue working to heal together ", told Efe Ingrid Sánchez, its director.


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