Sun. Jan 26th, 2020

Las Campos reappear in Toñi Moreno's program after his departure from Telecinco

It will be the first time in many months that the clan of The Fields appear together on television. And more since leaving the chain to which they were linked for so many years, Telecinco. And they will do it by the hand of Toñi Moreno in his new Program weekly,
Those wonderful years
, which starts this Sunday at 10 p.m. Telemadrid

Maria Teresa Campos it becomes like this, in the godmother of exception of the new format of the regional television of Madrid presented by the Catalan. A highly anticipated interview and for which the Campos family will not receive a single euro of cache. The money delivered will be destined for solidarity purposes.

María Teresa Campos and Toñi Moreno in Canal Sur

María Teresa Campos and Toñi Moreno in Canal Sur
(South Channel)

It is the second in just over three months that Toñi Moreno and María Teresa Campos see each other's faces on television. The first time was in the program that Catalan has in Canal Sur, One year of your life, where we could see how they reconciled after several years of distancing.

Now and with the premiere of Moreno's new format on Telemadrid, the veteran has wanted to be part of this special day and become her exceptional godmother. It will be a meeting from you to you who later the daughters of the guest, Terelu Campos and Carmen Borrego will be incorporated. A television appearance of the most anticipated after the abrupt departure of the three of Telecinco. In fact, it would be the first time in many months that we can see María Teresa, Carmen and Terelu together on a set.

Las Campos go to Telemadrid without charge and for solidarity purposes

During this first interview on Telemadrid, the best known and unknown aspects of María Teresa will shine and, also, the controversies that have surrounded her in recent times.

As for the possible cache that the guests who go to the space would perceive, sources close to the program assure La Vanguardia that there will not be, but yes they will charge 3,000 euros that “they will donate to an NGO that they choose”. At the end of the interview, the program will connect by phone with the foundation to learn about the work they do. Therefore, María Teresa and her daughter will go "without charge and for an absolutely solidary thing".

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