Tue. Oct 22nd, 2019

Las Azúcar Moreno attack Chabelita's musical success

The musical career of Isa P., the daughter of Isabel Pantoja, arouses the suspicion of the Spanish consecrated singers com is the case of the
Brown sugar
, who came to the set of
Public mirror
and they didn't hesitate to attack the daughter of the nonsense and question why her song, I'm better now, has so many views on the internet.

Encara and Toñi Salazar, who have reappeared on television after disappearing from the television scene by an alleged mediaset veto after leaving the last edition of Survivors, have taken the opportunity to talk about the success of Isabel Pantoja's daughter. Y They have not hesitated to say that “the public consumes what they see” and that in many cases this consumption is “to laugh” and not because he likes what he is seeing or because it is of quality.

Isa Pantoja debuts as a singer with the stage name of Isa P.

Isa Pantoja debuts as a singer with the stage name of Isa P.

The sisters wanted to put on the table how the Spanish music industry is doing at this moment: “Do you know what it costs us? It is unfair that you have been in music for so many years, that you invest your life and your money and that, to make a song on television, you have to ask the Pope for permission. It is impossible and that makes me angry, ”said the little girl from the Salazar.

“People see the morbidity and, I don't cut a hair, that singing girl doesn't sing. Another thing is that it has been set by flag that wants to do everything, but music does not do ”, they have sentenced without mincing words. "Music is something very serious, it is a profession and must be respected in every way. Let each one dedicate himself to what he knows! ”, They finished off during the talk with Susanna Griso.

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