Large Scale Blackout Alert: Is This Possibility Real?



The Austrian government raised the alarm last week and is now passing the ball to the rest of the countries. Is it possible that Europe could suffer a major power blackout? “The question is not if there will be a big blackout, but when,” questioned the Austrian defense minister. Klaudia tanne, to justify the awareness campaign that the Austrian Executive has launched to its population. Possible cyber attacks, new pandemics or terrorist attacks are some of the threats that the army of the Alpine country is already working on.

But it must be borne in mind that Europe does not have a single system and in each country it works in a different way. In Spain, for example, it will be difficult for this to happen as stated Spanish Electric Network Few days ago. In Spain we have an installed capacity of 112,384 MW and we are consuming only 28%, that is, 31,584 MW.

“On the other hand, neither the structure of energy sources in Spain is the same as in Austria, nor is there the same degree of electrical dependence with respect to the rest of Europe. In the case of Austria, its greater number of interconnections with Europe could explain that, given the lack of supply in any of the countries, it would spread to Austria or vice versa “, he explains to ABC the professor of Economics and Business at the European University, Begoña Casas.

“In the Spanish case, where we are practically by our peninsular condition practically ‘an energy island’, we would benefit by maintaining our electrical autonomy in the face of a ‘blackout’ in Europe. Spain’s interconnection ratio stands at 3%, while the recommendation of the Spanish European Comission it stands at 10%. Other European countries can reach up to 18%. In the case of Austria, it is among the areas with the greatest interconnection in Europe, exceeding 18% ”, explains the professor at the European University.

For both reasons, Casas believes that the risk warned by the Austrian authorities has nothing to do with the situation in Spain. “However, this does not mean that our system does not have weaknesses or weaknesses that also present risks or weaknesses in the system.”

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