October 19, 2020

Large companies slowed the increase in sales and employment in August




August slowed down the recovery that began in May, being the month in which the sales increase of the largest companies in the country was least since the de-escalation started. This is confirmed by the report on sales, jobs, wages in large companies published today by the Tax Agency, which includes a monthly increase in turnover of 2%, compared to 6.9% in July, 13% in June or the 13.8% May.

Compared to a year earlier, the sales they are still 5.4% below the same month of 2019 – in July it was 7.2% -, while in the accumulated of the year, the fall is 11.6%.

Something similar happens with the job. The number of recipients increased 1.2%, compared to the growth of 3.1% in July or 5.1% in June. So far this year the drop is 5.5%. Regarding wages, the average increase was 0.7%. So far this year they have fallen by 0.2%. Interestingly, in the salaries the increase is somewhat greater than the 0% it marked in July.

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