Laporta throws in the towel with Koeman and looks for a “modern” coach

Laporta, accompanied by Rafa Yuste, the sports vice president, greets Koeman.

Laporta, accompanied by Rafa Yuste, the sports vice president, greets Koeman.
FC Barcelona

There is no doubt that Ronald Koeman is in the corridor of the Barcelona death. Execution will not take place before the match against him Athletic, nor the day after. But in the head of Joan Laporta, Koeman is more than settled. He has no more opportunities for redemption and he exposes it openly. The Barça president has broken any trace of faith in the Dutch coach. The alignment before him Benfica and the ensuing debacle culminated the process of the well-known disaffection. Laporta is now looking for a “modern” coach.

Laporta states that there is no longer a possible route with Koeman. He has thrown in the towel. He is seen by a stubborn, who goes to his own, a wall before the slogans on the role model, so it will last as long as it takes to close the agreement with the substitute of his liking. The settlement, the 12 million that will have to be paid according to the contract, will come later. A payment that, unlike the summer, the club can afford thanks to the loan of Goldman sachs.

Early morning meeting

Laporta despaired when he found out about the Lisbon line-up. “My eggs fell to the ground,” he was heard graphically saying. Upon landing in Barcelona, ​​he met for almost an hour, until after four in the morning, with his hard core at the Ciutat Esportiva de Sant Joan Despí, that is, Rafael Yuste, Mateu Alemany and Enric Masip. A meeting that only served to verify that the exasperation with the wembley myth it has turned to outrage.

The executives of the sports area of ​​the Barça They have begun to dialogue with several candidates, but it is obvious that the final decision will depend on Laporta, who will make the final call. At the moment, he has not personally spoken to anyone, perhaps because he is not yet clear who the ideal replacement is. He knows that this is a decision in which he cannot be wrong, the first coach selected by his finger in his new term. He has to buy time and resist the pressure of those who want blood without further delay. There are factors that delay the relief: the contractual commitment in his current job of the chosen one would be one of them.

Happens with Robert Martinez, Belgium coach and person very close to Jordi Cruyff. Until the League of Nations concludes, on October 10, he is tied hand and foot. Would come with Thierry henry of assistant, link with the guardianism. Marcelo gallardo, River Plate coach, has a current contract. It is not the case of Andrea Pirlo, former Juventus technician and now unemployed. They are accessible coaches that the president says he likes. They all fit into the economic framework of what the club can afford. AND Xavi? Laporta still twists his nose at the option of the former captain. He continues to air that he lacks experience and is silent that he does not like importing Víctor Font’s model. So show disdain for the most popular trick.

More dedication

The president says he is looking for a “modern” coach – that’s the word he uses – just what Koeman is not in his opinion. A coach who intensifies training, with a methodology that commits players to more than two hours a day, is not allergic to the use of technology and meets a cycle of three or four years. The offensive model, it is possible to give it discounted. In this purpose of raising dedication, Laporta plans to appoint a high performance director to act in the Ciutat Esportiva.

The president explored the German way with intensity during the summer. Thomas Tuchel, Jürgen Klopp, Julian Nagelsmann and Ralf Rangnick they were probed without success. So now it is his turn to change the rudder and a rabbit in the hat that strays from the leaked names cannot be ruled out. Laporta likes to surprise, go against the current, and after losing to Messi, he avidly needs a sporting hit.


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