Laporta: "The club is not to blame but it is the most responsible"

The president of Barça, Joan Laporta, in an image together with the coach Xavi Hernández. / ef

The president of Barça admits that the resale overflowed the control mechanisms inherited from Bartomeu's time and allowed the German invasion against Eintracht


Five days after the elimination in the quarterfinals of the Europa League against Eintracht and the shameful invasion of German fans at the Camp Nou, Joan Laporta appeared before the media on Tuesday to try to analyze and explain what happened with the sale of tickets in that match.

To begin with, the president of Barça apologized to the culés members for what happened and acknowledged that "the club was not to blame but it was most responsible." «I want to thank the Barcelona fans who attended the match against Eintracht, at Easter. And I apologize to them, because they felt inconvenienced by the massive presence of German fans", explained the maximum leader of the Barça club.

Later, Laporta insisted that "the club did not sell tickets to the Germans except the 5,000 required by UEFA." Shortly after, however, he clarified that 45% of the VIP tickets and 238 more tickets were also sold due to a computer error.

Laporta explained that “more than 27,201 purchase requests were received from Germany and the system was overwhelmed. Unofficial and external agents to the club, organized groups and specialists in resale, made the control mechanisms were overcome and inefficient.

“We adopted measures, but they were overcome and were insufficient. There was malpractice, it is evidence. It is sad that the locations will go to the rival team and will be subject to analysis, "said Laporta, recalling that" this system used is inherited from the previous era ", so it had been in operation for years.

After this new barrage against former president Josep Maria Bartomeu, Laporta announced that from now on those for European parties "will be nominal and digital to avoid this speculation because there are people who live from this, it is their modus operandi." "It is a change of culture because we want to know who is the person who enters the stadium to have traceability," he told Lluís Venteo, the club's head of security. «The Seient Lliure will only be for members».

Laporta confirmed that on the same night of the match he confessed to coach Xavi Hernández that everything pointed to a "widespread resale", a "regrettable" matter. And he said that he was even worried that the Barça coach was stoned at the gate of the stadium by Teutonic fans. Fortunately, the police, with good judgment, diverted the Barça expedition to another door.

Laporta accuses the referees of distorting the League and demands "absolute objectivity"

On a sporting level, Laporta assumed that the League title is already almost a utopia after Barça's defeat in their fiefdom against Cádiz, although he insisted on not giving up as long as the math indicates that it is possible. And he complained about the refereeing actions, which in his opinion undermine the regularity of the tournament. The top culé leader did not enter into specific situations, but Barcelona fans complain about Camavinga not being expelled in the recent Sevilla-Real Madrid match, the three penalties awarded in favor of Madrid against Celta and the three against Barça against Levante

“There are some situations that are taking place and that we should comment on from time to time and they are very obvious. Today is not the day because we are talking about another issue, but this is also very serious because of what is taking place, "said Laporta.

“There are situations that we at Barça have not seen well, and I hope that those responsible for the arbitration issue do everything possible so that this recovers what it should be, absolute objectivity, and that there are no very obvious situations that distort the competition” , he added.

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