Laporta: “Bartomeu? I see him as a desperate person”

Joan Laporta, president of FC Barcelona.

Joan Laporta, president of FC Barcelona.

“I am so excited with what we are celebrating that if you allow me I will not get distracted answering that question,” he said. Joan Laporta to Adrià Albets, from Cadena SER. But he ended up answering about the Crossing of accusations that his directive maintains with the former president Josep Maria Bartomeu. For Laporta it has been a “disastrous management”, while the former leader maintains that it has been “a responsible and serious management.”

Laporta was excited about Pedri’s renewal (“It is a historic day, one of the best as president, in which it is worth being,” he declared), but he did not want to ignore the forceful reply to Bartomeu. “What I see he is a desperate person, who is realizing the magnitude of the disaster he made, for which he is responsible, “commented the current president of the Barcelona.

“Forgive me not going into detail. But when you are president you are responsible for everything, the ultimate responsible,” Laporta has sentenced, specifying that “I did not want this beautiful moment to be spoiled for nothing.”

Then he did want to address the delicate situation in which they received the Camp Nou, falling apart, with serious pathologies in its structure that the Bartomeu board did nothing to solve. “We were surprised, we detected a high number of pathologies. If the covid ends before we could not open the stadium, “said the president to illustrate the seriousness of the problem.

“To ask who had the responsibility of doing the Camp Nou works and they didn’t. I can’t say. But it doesn’t make any sense not to have done it”

“We recovered it with an investment of 2 million in the short term and another of 20 in the medium term. But that is how we attended to the most urgent ones that allowed us to leave the stadium with a maximum security certificate as it should always be,” Laporta argued, indicating that You have to ask the Bartomeu board of directors why they did not undertake such necessary works. “Ask who had the responsibility to do it and they did not. I can’t say. But it doesn’t make any sense not to have done it. ”

Later, he did address Espai Barça and the proposal of its board to claim the financing of 1,500 million euros to start it. A proposal that must be approved or rejected by the assembly of delegates next Sunday at the Palau Blaugrana. “It is an exceptional architectural work, it represents the greatest entertainment venue in the world.”

“Espai Barça is an architectural jewel that will last a century. It must be done now and you cannot miss the train to compete at the highest level”

In that sense, Laporta recalled that “the funding structure is very beneficial for the club“since it is about” returning the money with the additional income generated by the project once it is built because during construction we must not return anything. ”

He had the president on his left and Rafa Yuste, sports vice president, on his right. But it seemed that at that moment he was addressing the delegates, something that will happen next Sunday. “Our rivals have done their homework, they have already inaugurated the new stadiums, which allow them to increase their turnover. Failure to do so would be to put them at a greater disadvantage,” said the Barça leader.

“It is enter the new modernity. It would represent 67% more income in addition to what we already have. It is a spectacular project, which is going to excite us a lot. It is an architectural gem that is to last a century. It must be done now and you cannot miss the train to compete at the highest level, “concluded Laporta.


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