July 7, 2020

“Land in sight!”: Greta Thunberg arrives in Portugal today after 21 days by boat | Society

Greta Thunberg Tuesday will meet its goal of crossing the Atlantic to be at the Climate Summit in Madrid without skipping its principles. The activist who does not fly by plane because its environmental impact contributes to the destruction of the planet will arrive in Lisbon on a catamaran after 21 days of travel from Salt Ponds, in the State of Virginia (United States). At seven in the morning, the teenager tweeted a picture of the Portuguese coast with the words "Land ahoy!" (land in sight!). It is expected to disembark next to the bridge April 25 between nine and eleven in the morning.

Thunberg, 16, is accompanied by her father Svante, the Australian owners of the ship, Elayna Carausu, 26, and her partner Riley Whitelum, 35, the 11-month-old baby, Lenny; and British professional navigator Nikki Henderson, 26. The catamaran The Vagabonde it will dock at the Port of Lisbon, where it will be received by the mayor of Lisbon, Fernando Medina, and young activists from Fridays for Future, part of the global movement inspired by the Swedish teenager.

Thunberg's stay in Portugal will be short. He will give a press conference from the Port and then rest in a hotel, according to the Portuguese press. At 21.25 you will take the night train that connects Lisbon with Madrid, a slow journey that will not end until 8.40, when you arrive at Chamartín station. It will be Thunberg's first visit to Madrid since he rose to fame only 15 months ago, when in Stockholm he decided to stop going to class on Fridays to protest the weather emergency. His gesture was imitated throughout the world thanks to the power of social networks.

Thunberg has not revealed details about its plans in Madrid for the summit, which will last until Friday, December 13. Fridays for Future youth in Madrid who have had conversations with members of the Thunberg team say that until they set foot on the ground, the teenager will not set her agenda. They take it for granted that they will attend the demonstration on Friday that will depart from the Atocha station at 6:00 pm in the direction of Nuevos Ministerios.

The Swedish teenager was in the United States because she had traveled there by sailboat to attend the annual United Nations Assembly in September. He has taken a sabbatical year at his high school in Sweden and his idea was to stay in the Americas until December because the Climate Summit was going to be held initially in Chile. But the cancellation of the appointment in Chile and its transfer to Madrid, at the beginning of November, led her to ask for help to arrive on time and in a sustainable way to Spain. This is how she and her father met the young Australian owners of the ship, who have been around the world for five years. The sailor Henderson, with experience in transoceanic races, joined the adventure and was the captain of the ship.

Young people and journalists await the arrival of Thunberg in Lisbon.

Young people and journalists await the arrival of Thunberg in Lisbon.

Henderson I wrote on Facebook On Tuesday night, this trip had a greater reason than going from point A to point B. They had a mission they had accomplished: take Greta on time to the Madrid Summit. And by the way send a message to the world.

"This trip was about the biggest mission," he wrote. "It was for us to take Greta, one of our influencers, one of our models, to travel in the way she felt was more in line with the message of the youth and climate movement: to underline the need for major structural changes to fight against the climatic emergency. Note that there is still no sustainable way to travel, and there needs to be one. "

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