Lana del Rey announces her "revenge" album for June, 'Rock Candy Sweet'

Lana del Rey, at a concert

Just a few days after the release of his latest studio album, Lana del Rey has announced through her profile of Instagram that on June 1 another album of his entitled 'Rock Candy Sweet', a "revenge" will be released. with which, according to her, she will compensate for the criticism received in recent months.

In this regard, the American artist has ironically echoed a report in the magazine 'Harper's Bazaar': "I can only thank again kind articles like this for reminding me that my career has been built on cultural appropriation and making the gender violence".

"I will continue to deal with those kinds of ideas with my next album," he said below, adding a little more context to the meaning of that 'Rock Candy Sweet' that, in his words, it will be something like his "revenge" to the controversies in which she tends to get caught up in her statements.

He was referring, for example, to when months ago he found that he had included black people on the cover of his latest album on the market, in an attempt to "anticipate" possible criticism on inclusivity, something the Harper's Bazaar article deemed "unnecessary." "They are right, it would have been unnecessary if no one had significantly criticized everything about that album to begin with. But you did. And I want revenge," he added on Instagram.

If the deadlines are met, 'Rock Candy Sweet' will be released just two months after the publication this past Friday of its seventh studio album, 'Chemtrails Over The Country Club', in which its music makes a turn from California towards the interior of the US For now, critics have effusively celebrated its publication, at the height of the previous 'Norman Fucking Rockewell' (2019), which was classified as one of the best albums of 2019 at an international level.

In between, the tireless artist edited 'Violet Bent Backwards Over The Grass', an audiobook of poems written by her, and in August 2019 independently released the musical single 'Looking For America', fueled by shootings in U.S. And it is that since the beginning of her career in 2012 as Lana del Rey with the successful 'Born To Die' (she had previously released 'Lana Del Ray' (2010) under her real name, Lizzy Grant), this composer and performer has shown very active in recording terms, with the publication of practically one album every one or two years.


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