May 16, 2021

LaLiga will use Artificial Intelligence to determine the schedule of matches

LaLiga will use Artificial Intelligence to determine the schedule of matches

LaLiga will put into operation from next February a 'software' with artificial intelligence to determine the schedules of the matches, according to revealed Monday the president of LaLiga, Javier Tebas.

In a statement to RAC1, Tebas commented that the new system is already being tested and the objective is to optimize Artificial Intelligence to determine the best schedules and maximize attendance at the stadiums, in addition to the audiences, both national and international. As for schedules and dates, the president of LaLiga reported that for the moment it is ruled out that there is soccer in the Christmas dates, as it happens in other countries, due to incompatibility with the footballers' unions.

The leader of the LaLiga "can not imagine a championship without Leo Messi" and believes that the Argentine will end his professional career at Barça. "I would have liked Cristiano Ronaldo to continue in Madrid, but we have worked so that the damages are as little as possible. His departure has not affected us at the level of international marketing. "Regarding the LaLiga brand, Tebas commented that the Premier League has it better because" it has been working for a longer time "and insisted that While LaLiga as a brand has four years of life, the Premier is in 1992.

As for the balance of the VAR, the leader said that it is positive and added that there is a problem in the detection of offside. "The lines of the fields are not perfect, they are not horizontal and they have a very small curvature, the VAR is continually reviewing plays to notify the referee, I am delighted with how it is going, although if the affected team is a big one, then there is more repercussion", he added.

Thebes also referred to the future of Reus. In this regard said that the Judge of Social Discipline of LaLiga will make a decision on the request to suspend the parties of the reusenses at the end of this month of January. The president of LaLiga clarified that he did not refuse to attend to Ángel Pérez, a businessman from Reus who was supposedly interested in buying the club, but rather denied the request because "he warned with very little notice". However, Thebes warned that in the event that the Reus change ownership, the injection of capital will have to be "very important" for LaLiga to allow new players to register.

Finally, the president of LaLiga spoke about the purchase by Gerard Piqué of Andorra CF: "Why should I be against this decision? It does not imply any incompatibility or affect professional football." Piqué is a very restless person. It is very good that the players know the other part of football. "


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