LaLiga: The recomposition of Barcelona | sports

LaLiga: The recomposition of Barcelona | sports

A football team that is dapper and hassle-free, Betis discussed possession (46%) of Barcelona (54%) at the Camp Nou and he snatched the victory with four goals like four suns. "The rivals can not come and score four goals. We can not consent if we want to be champions, "he released with his usual bravado Arturo Vidal. The coach Ernesto Valverde, however, looked towards the other side of the net: "We are missing something. It is not the pressure but the freshness at the time of finishing, of generating goal chances ". Reflections that were treated in the dressing room with several talks -although the work in the trainings was not hardly changed, coach of customs such as Valverde-; turning point for the Barcelona, that from that duel alone makes that add joys to close the equator of the course as leader of LaLiga, besides stepping on the knockout stages of the Champions League and the Cup.

The average goes up the zipper. Even though Ter Stegen Since the start of the season has been at a great level, with spectacular stops that add points, it was not unusual to see him pick up the ball from his goal at least once per game. This is explained by the data because before being measured at Betis, the team played 18 games and conceded 19 goals (1.05 per game). "When it's time to defend, you have to defend," Ter Stegen lamented with German pragmatism. "When a team tries to play the attack, we have to control the losses of the game," added Valverde, with a more technical vision. "We can not be the team that least fit, because we make a very offensive football, but we can improve that when we attack we are all on guard and press together," added Piqué, who has regained his best football.

From the offices of the sports city, however, find in the calendar an explanation to the mess against Betis: "That day we were very vulnerable, a defensive disaster before the rival waves paid by the media (Busquets, Arthur and Rakitic), which they had four full games in a row and they could get tired, they were overcome and they did not reach the pressures ". But the Champions League was played, the team qualified to eighth in the absence of two games of the group, and also the Cup, time for the less usual. "The mister could rotate more and the team has been cooler, with the means toned and able to run as required by Barça and rivals," from the Barça. The statistics confirm this: after Betis, the team has participated in eight matches and received four goals (0.5 on average). An abysmal difference that is seen in the points and the results because if something has not changed the set is in its aim; before the Betis added 2.5 goals for duel (45 goals in 18), the same statistic that after the match against the team of Setién (20 in eight, 2.5 in average).

The designated ones play as a team. Although there are no fights in the Barça dressing room, there have been several episodes of indiscipline this season that the sports team and the technical staff have taken great care to eradicate from inside. One was Arturo vidal, which burned social networks with their emoticons of anger while also claimed more prominence on the lawn in front of the microphones. The other was Dembélé, who relapsed in his unpunctualities to the calls for a somewhat disordered life. "They had two options", they count from the offices of the Camp Nou, aware of the two touches of attention that they gave to the players; "Or take it right or wrong. But if they wanted to play, they had to accept the rules of the game as they have finally done. "

From the sports city they also see it like this: "Both Arturo and Ousmane have been able to understand their mistakes and, with that learned, they have been able to participate in the group and choral game that the team makes. They have interpreted the collective very well ". So much so, that Vidal has taken him out of the eleven to Arthur in the same way that Dembélé has surpassed Coutinho on the left. "Arturo takes away control of the match, but it gives you more vertigo and above all more muscle and consistency", they explain from Barcelona; "Y Dembélé It's exploding because so much quality has to come out some day and somewhere. "

Game of balances. TO Valverde he always cared about the balance, because Neymar's march the previous year responded with a change of system (from 4-3-3 to 4-4-2) that stabilized the team's football. Although he opted for Coutinho and Arthur during a phase of the season, because the end was presupposed imbalance and the medium guarantees possession, the team's game ended up screeching because Barça split in two, gandules the points in the phase defensive and overcome the means by the workload and the impossibility of multiplying. Since the game against Betis, however, Valverde chose Dembélé instead of Coutinho and Vidal before Arthur, also punished by a most inopportune injury.

A decision that reverberated in the drawing because Rakitic went to the left to form the triangle with Alba and Dembélé; while Vidal stayed on the right with Semedo and Messi. "Vidal has to fill the gaps that Leo leaves and attend to the back when Semedo moves forward. It has legs and a heart, so it works ", they say from the sports city of Barça; "And Rakitic, who is more positional and very intelligent, corrects Dembélé while occupying Alba's place if he can not return on time." Although they add: "Something that is possible because Iván no longer walks so much the rival area, but he stays many times with Busquets behind the ball to avoid the cons". Aspect, then, that reinforces the defensive bolt of Barcelona, ​​already with four league games followed without fitting.

A 10 out of 10. Since Cristiano Ronaldo left for Serie A, Juve, there is no doubt that it is the Liga de Messi, a universal figure that is highlighted with the passing of the days, far from reducing its benefits over the years. Finished 2018, he is the player who has scored the most goals in LaLiga in the calendar year (34), just as he is also the top scorer in this tournament (15), followed by Stuani and his teammate Luis Suárez (11). "He is the most decisive player that football has given", they explain with pride from Barcelona; "And when it is in an optimal state, there is no stopping it. It's been many years. "

Precisely, from the club understand that the injury suffered in the arm, when the radius was broken, did Leo well in the sense that he could rest, oxygenate, and return with more hunger and intensity. "If people are fixed, you will see that Messi has run since then in each match several times back to retrieve the ball. That's because it's full, involved, "added from the Camp Nou. And he is generous; he is not only the Pichichi but he is also the maximum assistant of the championship (10), followed by Griezmann and Sarabia (6).

The great spurt of Dembélé

Ombene Dembélé has been pulled twice by his ears because of his repeated lack of punctuality, due to a lack of professionalism that even the costumes made him see. "You have to help him," his companions proclaimed. He, however, does it on the table because with his goals he has given 10 points to the team in LaLiga, while in the Champions League he also added a point with both against Tottenham, in the last European duel.

It turns out that the French end is as elusive to the press as to the rivals and since they have clothed him from the dressing room, there is no one to tie him up; in the seven last matches he has signed four goals, in addition to distributing three assists.

Numbers that place him as the team's third top scorer – counts 10 for Messi's 21 and Luis Suárez's 11 – and the fifth passer (with 5), after Messi (12), Alba (9), Rakitic and Suarez (6) ). And records that also points Valverde with its policy of gaining adherents to the cause before renegades, with his will to speak things before imposing punishments, even if Munir and Denis Suárez are left out of the equation.

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