April 16, 2021

LaLiga: The irreplaceable of Barça is Jordi Alba | sports

LaLiga: The irreplaceable of Barça is Jordi Alba | sports

To a very demanding party like that of San Mamés comes seriously damaged the Barcelona (20.45, Movistar Partidazo). Nothing can be done with the injuries, except to improve the prevention tasks and you may revise the policy of rotations depending on the importance given to each tournament, especially the Cup, the competition in which it occurred Arthur's absence, the soccer player who improves his teammates with the pass, pampers the ball and marks the style of Barça. Dembélé recovers while suffering from a sprained ankle; You do not know how Messi is, that he has not missed a single of the 23 games played against Athletic (18 wins), and there was some fatigue lately in Busquets, Rakitic and Luis Suárez, a hammer in Bilbao. There are absences, however, that betray the bad sports planning of a club, a serious issue in the case of Barça.

None like that of Jordi Alba, absent in San Mamés by sanction, and without replacement in the template after the departure of Lucas Digne. The transfer of the Frenchman to Everton was an operation as economically profitable – some 22 million euros – as damaging to the team because Valverde has not found a natural substitute for Alba as was the case with Digne. The competition between Cucurella and Juan Miranda, left-handed side of the subsidiary, has ended badly: Cucurella was transferred to Eibar, where he triumphs as left-handed, and Miranda lost ownership even in Barça B -has been a substitute in two of the three last matches of the Segunda B- team.

Although they do not know very well who decided in summer between the two, the situation has not been corrected in the winter market while they have signed two centers with little prominence: Murillo has only played a couple of Cup matches and Todibo has just arrived from Toulouse Miranda, who was renewed until 2021 with a clause of 200 million, was indicated in the Cup match played in the Ciutat de València against Levante: the coach replaced him at halftime and has stopped training with the first team while in the Miniestadi has been replaced by Ignasi Vilarrasa, recently hired by Cornellà. It did not work either Thomas Vermaelen as left back in Leganés: he played 70 minutes and Barca lost 2-1. And the alternative of putting a right-hander on the left, such as Sergio Roberto and Nelson Semedo, has been a failed bet because it had to be corrected at half-time by Valverde.

The option Semedo or Sergi

Even though Semedo Navas was covered in Nervión, Barcelona lost 2-0. The Portuguese – placed on the right – and Sergi Roberto – on the left side – occupied the sides against Valencia, until the coach replaced Semedo at halftime for Alba to enter while Sergi Roberto exercised 2. He has no left more options to Valverde than to resort if perhaps to a behind of three power stations, especially if he uses Sergi Roberto as a midfielder for the absence of Arthur.

"Substituting a player like Jordi is always a problem, but we have alternatives," Valverde said. The sheet of services of Alba is faultless: 32 games, 2,667 minutes – the most of the template after Piqué: 2,790 -, 14 assists and two goals. Not only defends with its speed and anticipation but it gives out and depth to the attack and is the most associated with Messi. The Messi-Alba-Messi combination is a guarantee at Barça. The club did not find a replacement for Alba and does not succeed in renewing its contract, which ends in 2020. The side asks for an agreement in line with its benefits and the board does not want to trigger a wage bill that is usually above 70%. %. The technical management is looking for a left side: the new one on the list is Mendy (Lyon).

Today there are several doubts that has the Barca in the making of the next template and the lineup of San Mamés before a team that adds 15 of 21 points with Gaizka Garitano. Already summoned Messi, Dembélé and even Miranda, the most worrying, in any case, is how to cover the absence of Jordi Alba, the irreplaceable Barca.

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