July 25, 2021

LaLiga Santander: Januzaj and Oyarzabal deactivate Levante's streak | sports

LaLiga Santander: Januzaj and Oyarzabal deactivate Levante's streak | sports

Real Sociedad rallied against Levante in the Ciutat de València and deprived those of Paco López of adding their sixth week without losing. Settled on that streak, Levante, who scored in the third minute, saw, impotent, as the Basque eleven lifted a game that he had under control until the 70th minute. Real Sociedad, timorata and flat in the first half, pulled the category of Oyarzabal and recovered Januzaj to turn the duel with three goals and win again four days later. The tactical correction of Garitano impelled the Donostiarra reaction.

Asier Garitano modified his system to react in the Ciutat de València. Paramo Moyà with three central and fortified defensive system. The Levant unbalanced the game on the right as soon as the center. A fantasy action by Bardhi, stepping on the ball and sliding it back with the sole of his right foot, caused Jason's center to the balcony of the area, where Chema, a central defender who was passing by, fired at goal unopposed coloring the faces of the three central donostiarras.

Very involved back, to the Real Society ball was made tactical modification of his coach. The three centrals were a bicoca. The Levante was anticipated in all the balls divided with the mobility of Bardhi and Borja Mayoral, and the delivery of Boateng. With his team without punch and lacked fluidity, Garitano changed to four defense and advanced lines. Oyarzabal appeared in attack and Januzaj plugged in and tied the Basque side. The multinational Januzaj raised the ball over the central granota, picked up Oyarzabal, who with a blow of the ankle left the ball to Theo who made the 1-1. He had generated more arrivals Levante with a differential Bardhi but failed in the auction and the Real seized the game in the decisive section. Four minutes after the tie, Janujaz filtered another pass on Juanmi that surprised Postigo and beat Oier. Oyarzabal put the lace that brilliantly closed a blue and white backlash with the Levante on the wrong foot and disorderly looking for a draw.

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