April 16, 2021

LaLiga closes three well-known websites that broadcast matches illegally

LaLiga closes three well-known websites that broadcast matches illegally

LaLiga, with the collaboration of LtaHub, the local collaborating law firm in Brazil, has managed to close down three illegal Internet television platforms (IPTV) in the South American country, which They added more than one and a half million visits per month and 8,000 subscribers and offered content from LaLiga Santander.

The three websites on which these illegal services were marketed were 'www.listaiptvbrasil.com.br', 'www.melhorlistaiptv.com.br' and 'www.listaiptvbrasilhd.br'. With the help of LtaHub it was possible to contact the offenders to demand the definitive withdrawal of the audiovisual content of LaLiga, the cessation of all illegal activities, the delivery of the equipment and the transfer of the domains.

In addition, a commitment was made to the offenders not to commit more infractions, as well as to collaborate to detect possible illegal sources linked to them.

This action led by LaLiga, joins others made recently in Brazil in which four websites that broadcast on streaming with a very high popularity rating they were dismantled and closed definitively. They accumulated more than 43 million monthly visits and almost 14 million unique users per month.

"This action of LaLiga, as a member of the entertainment industry, is another one against audiovisual piracy, a scourge that not only affects football," says the employer. The director of the Audiovisual Area of ​​LaLiga, Melcior Soler, pointed out that audiovisual piracy is a crime and "puts at risk the future of football, competition and all sport". "In addition, many people depend directly and indirectly on this industry," he continued.

For the CEO of LtaHub, Ygor Valerio, digital content piracy is the "most harmful form of unfair competition, usurping the fruits of the hard work of millions of people who are dedicated to the football industry around the world."


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