LaLiga: Bartomeu: "The theme of the shield is closed for the moment" | sports

LaLiga: Bartomeu: "The theme of the shield is closed for the moment" | sports

Bartomeu, during his speech at the assembly. In video, his statements in Catalunya Ràdio.

The assembly of delegates of Barcelona left the board of directors presided over by Josep Maria Bartomeu, who decided not to exercise the democratic exercise by not accepting a public defeat in his proposal for the remodeling of the Barça shield. When the social mass reflected their displeasure and disapproval for the change of the logo, the board chose to cut the problem from the root and remove the vote as a point of the day. "They heard and understood what they expressed and understood that maybe they had to vote in a referendum, reflect on it. The message is that they were heard because this club is democratic, "said Bartomeu on Monday morning. Catalunya Ràdio; "I have no problems losing votes because I'm sure I'll lose more." Confusing words because on the one hand the partner was not heard but silenced – "Volem vote, vote vote! ", The assembly of delegates called without success- and, on the other, he did not lose the vote because he did not let it be done. Although it is clear that the position of the partner was imposed. "Surely we will not remove the FCB from the shield and for now it is an issue that remains closed because it was clear that the delegates did not like it", the Barça president said.

Parked the debate, Bartomeu returned to make a plea in defense of Sandro Rosell, former president azulgrana in prison accused of money laundering and collection of irregular fees. "The preventive detention does not make sense neither in the politicians nor in Sandro, we do not understand it", he said at the same time that he suggested once again that the same humiliating treatment was for having been the president of Barça.

Already in a more relaxed tone, the president referred to several issues -such as the firm idea of ​​not signing in winter, the penalty for losing Messi for almost a month, the refusal of the partner to validate a debt greater than twice the EBDITA … -, until he referred to Valverde, a technician who has always defended in public, but who has criticized the inside door on more than one occasion. "He has a contract until the 2019-20 season. Ernesto is doing well and last season was excellent, but not enrollment because of what happened in Rome, "he said. And he played the theme of Neymar, a player who has asked on several occasions to clarify the road map to return to the Camp Nou, sorry for leaving a wardrobe where he was really wanted. "I have not spoken to your surroundings or held any meetings," Bartomeu denied about different information that indicated otherwise; "We do not like the players who are paying their clause."

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