Sat. Dec 14th, 2019

LaLiga: Barça already negotiates for Neymar | sports

The technical secretary of Barcelona, Éric Abidal, the manager Javier Bordas and the intermediary André Cury traveled yesterday to Paris to try to uncover the negotiations for Neymar. All news because until now the PSG refused to start talks with the Barca club because of the tyranny it has. For the sponsorship pact that the president broke in his day, Josep María Bartomeu, with Qatar Airways – company of the sheikh to which he denied an agreement agreed to then fix the figure in half – and for the different pulses maintained by several players, case of Thiago Silva, Marquinhos, Di María, Verratti … But he has not The PSG was left to open an official communication channel with Barça [until now the approaches were made by the representative Pini Zahavi, who was a Barca emissary] because Neymar has asked to leave at all costs, reluctant to continue in Paris.

The PSG He soon understood that his goodbye was irremediable, jaded by Neymar's behavior, which delayed his arrival to training one week – he added that the club was warned that he had a solidarity action with his foundation in Brazil – and that since his return he only speaks to ask to be released. Resolution also adopted by the fans of the Parc des Princes, who insulted and booed him in the league premiere. Therefore, from the sports area they offered the player to several clubs, although only the Real Madrid It showed some future availability.

But negotiations are slow and Barça bid stronger, confident in bartering players to make the operation cheaper. "Ney wants to go to Barça because he spent his best moments there," they say from the player's environment; "But if it can't be Barça, it will be Madrid or another because before going to Camp Nou, what you want is to leave the PSG." Yesterday, Barça was finally able to negotiate in Paris.

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