October 31, 2020

LaLiga authorizes Ismael to wear the number ’13’, reserved for goalkeepers

The number ’13’ is not the exclusive property of goalkeepers. Center-back Ismael Athuman -25 years old and who has been awarded a professional record at the close of the market- will wear a number historically linked to the goalkeepers. After the negotiations completed by the island entity with LaLiga, Ismael will wear the ’13’ of Raúl Fernández.

The regulations of the Royal Spanish Federation (RFEF) specify that it must be used by goalkeepers, but there is an exception. If all 24 licenses are completed and only that slot remains, it can be used with a professional outfield player.

The RFEF rule argues that ‘In the case of First and Second Division clubs, the numbering of the players in their squads will be from 1 to 25 (…) Reserving numbers 1 and 13 for goalkeepers and 25 for an eventual footballer, licensed by the first team, with the quality of third goalkeeper ‘.

In the total revolution of Luis Helguera and Tino Luis Cabrera -nine acquisitions-, the ‘1’ is for Álvaro Valles, while Álex Domínguez carries the ’30’. With Raúl Fernández in the infirmary, the ’25’ is owned by captain Aythami Artiles.

As a curious note, the AD Alcorcón has vacated the ’13’. Like the UD, it only has one goalkeeper with a professional record (Daniel Jiménez López).


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