July 31, 2021

LaLiga: Arturo Vidal: "I hope to be a starter" | sports

LaLiga: Arturo Vidal: "I hope to be a starter" | sports

At the moment it demands more than it gives and it is expressed with a incendiary speech that grinds in the Camp Nou. Arturo Vidal has not started with a good footing in Barcelona and every time he expresses himself. Just what he did when he landed in Miami to play a game with the Chilean national team. "I'm fine physically, very well and happy, but in the last few matches I've been a bit annoyed. It's like that, we're going to keep fighting, many important matches are coming now, the season has just started and I hope to be a starter, "he said, not short or lazy. A few words that have not set the club very well by cumulative, it already adds two weeks of small incidents to express their discomfort, and that could well annoy the locker room, always of profile and reserved to the press because what happens at home is at home From the sports area, which had already planned to talk to the player to warn that no one was above Barca, are clear that this talk can not be delayed as it can not repeat the football player misses before the micros.

Vidal does not understand his substitutions in a team that only retouches one piece per season because it has not been blank for titles for many years. He was upset to be substituted against Athletic-Messi was the one who came by him to fix the small mess – and was unnerved when he was Arthur's substitute at Tottenham because from the club he was told he was for physical games, for those who they presupposed going back and forth with the need to put the leg. That he could, in short, assume the role of Paulinho, already back in the Chinese Guangzhou. It turns out, however, that Valverde no longer requires a Paulinho because he seems to have discovered in Arthur the best piece to preserve the style, a footballer who resembles Xavi in ​​football movements and ideas. And, with Rakitic at his side because he is excellent in terms of tactics and delivery, Vidal's participation is compromised. At least, the owner as required. Dislikes that made him put an angry face on social networks after the great triumph at Wembley against Tottenham. "He has not told me anything, he has not told me to be angry," ironed Valverde. But against Valencia he ordered him to warm up for a few minutes and did not take him out. A pulse that Vidal extrapolates to the networks. "With the Judas they do not fight, they hang themselves", he then put in his account Instagram, adorned with fists and symbols of the king, which is how he is nicknamed in Chile: King Arturo. The problem is that in Barça there is only one king and he has 10 on his back.

Although he later erases the messages, which indicates that he can heater him before the rationale, Vidal denied the major. "When I have a problem or I get angry, I go directly to the coach and talk to him. One has several reasons to do those things. It was nothing athletic. Then I took it out so that people do not start speculating. There are things that are personal, joking, that one can upload to social networks and people take it badly. That's why I changed it. Nothing to do with Barcelona or with anyone. When I have to say some things, I say it to my face, "said Vidal. Although from Miami, contrary to what he proclaims his speech, he asked to be a headline through the micros. Another entanglement of the Chilean.

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