LaLiga and Carolina Marn, Honorary Ambassadors of the Spain Brand - The Province

The badminton Olympic champion Carolina Marín and LaLiga They have been recognized Tuesday as new Honorary Ambassadors of the Spain Brand (EHME) in an event chaired by SSMM the Kings, who encouraged the ambassadors to show "the strengths, values ​​and potential of the country."

In addition to Marín and LaLiga they were also recognized Ana Botín (Business Management), ONCE (Social Action), Isabel Coixet (Art and Culture), Network of Paradores (Tourism and Gastronomy), Francisco Mojica (Science and Innovation), and José Luis Bonet (Extraordinary Accreditation). Marín was named in the category of "Sports" and LaLiga in "International Relations".

LaLiga was represented by its president, Javier Thebes, who, together with the rest of EHME, held a meeting with the Kings before the ceremony, in which the ambassadors' vision of the international image of Spain in different fields was shared.

Philip VI He highlighted in his speech the work of the Ambassadors: "I want to reiterate, precisely, the fact that our present and our collective future are also molded, consequently, by the people, the Spaniards: the biography of Spain is the biography of all its men and women, and we must continue to build it with the participation and effort of all, "he said.

The winners pose with the Kings of Spain.

"Thanks to LaLiga and the agreements with different operators, hundreds of millions of people around the world can enjoy Spanish football. LaLiga contributes to offer the world the undoubted strength that we have as a country, by having teams that are among the best on the planet, "added the monarch.

"But, in addition, this strengthening of the image of Spain is done through the power of football as a show throughout the world and with the intrinsic values ​​that it has as a sports discipline such as effort, improvement, teamwork and collaboration"he sentenced.

The Huelva sportswoman Carolina Marín has recognized her "courage, capacity for sacrifice and self-improvement", which has also allowed her to contribute to the "success of women's sports and bring a discipline like badminton to the general public," which has been a minority hitherto minority.


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