April 10, 2021

LaLiga: Abidal: "Sometimes you have to risk a little" | sports

LaLiga: Abidal: "Sometimes you have to risk a little" | sports

He passed the medical examination first thing in the morning in the sports city and moved to the Camp Nou with his mother, his brother, a friend and his agents to sign the contract with the Barcelona, which will link you for four and a half seasons. "It comes now because we have to protect our players and the situation I had in Toulouse was important," said technical secretary Éric Abidal, referring to Jean-Clair Todibo (Cayenne, French Guiana, 19 years old). It turns out that Barcelona had already agreed on the transfer of the player for July 2019, but Toulouse, angry at losing it before time, decided to remove him from the team. Decision that provoked the reaction of Barcelona, ​​which from the first days tried to speak with the French entity. "They did not want to help us," agreed Abidal; "And we had to attend to the present. That's why Murillo came, who knew LaLiga and was already prepared. " But the Toulouse has finished by twisting the arm and accepted the transfer earlier, also by the insistence of the player. "He had many offers from other clubs in Europe," said Jordi Mestre, vice president of the Barça sports area; "It has cost one million plus another two million in variables and has a rescission clause of 150 million."

The arrival of Todibo, in any case, provokes overbooking in the axis of Barca behind, which has six centers: Piqué, Umtiti, Lenglet, Vermaelen, Murillo and now the young Frenchman. "He's here and he has to grow up, and in the end the coach will decide. But he has just arrived, he does not know the country, the league or the club ", Abidal solved, who continued in his compliment: "He is a very young player, with a lot of talent. He does not have much experience, but we must detect the talents of each country as soon as possible. He was one of them. A player with a very great potential, is also with the French U-20 team. " Todibo picked up the baton: "For the moment, in these first three months I want to learn and improve. I chose Barça to learn from the greatest every day. I'm not necessarily to be a starter right now, but to be with the staff. " But he can only do so at the Camp Nou and not at the Mini because he has a first team record. Not only that, but it will take the number 6 (number that raised to another category Xavi) and in the locker room of Camp Nou, will have the box office next to Messi and Rafinha.

It happens that Vermaelen plays from grapes to pears, punished for the injuries, in the same way that Umtiti carries in the dry dock several months, with the left knee to the virulé. "He is working on recovery and we hope he recovers as soon as possible. It is very important and we have him, but we have had to work in this line of Todibo ", defended Mestre. "It is clear that Umtiti He is an example to me. He is a recent world champion, one of the best in his position. I will let myself be advised and I'm sure it will help me to join the field, "added Todibo, with the approval and smiles of Abidal, proud to bring talent:" It is very difficult to find a player with a Barça profile. But when we have it we must go without thinking. "

The operation, modest in the current market, involves its risk. "He has only played 10 games, but when you see him in one he has enough. Sometimes you have to risk a little, "said Abidal, who added:" He can play in different positions as midfielder and center. He goes well above, athletic and very calm with the ball between his feet. " Polivalencia of which Todibo did not resign, that will be the French number 24 in the history of the Barça: "I am to play. I do not care about midfielder or central. " And, going to the topic, he added: "Playing here is a child's dream". Or, which is the same, a few years ago.

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