Lali Espósito confirms that Rauw Alejandro will participate in 'Sky Rojo 3'

Lali Esposito visited last night 'the anthill'. The Argentine singer and actress attended to promote her new musical works and also the third season of 'Red Sky', the series of Netflix which is already recording its third season. In fact, the artist was able to confirm the exclusive that YOTELE gave a few days ago: Rauw Alejandro joins the cast of fiction.

Esposito commented to Paul Motorcycles that for the last season of the series there will be "very interesting additions", among which is the boyfriend of Rosalia. "I tell you that Rauw Alejandro is going to act for the first time and in 'sky red'". "It has already begun to roll and it does it very well," he added to the applause of the public.

On the other hand, Lali explained that she currently lives in Spain for the filming of the series, with which she is being able to discover the gastronomy of our country, spending "half her salary" to eat. Too has tasted the Madrid nightwhich he cataloged as "dangerous". "Any day there is march"he expressed.

The Argentine also spoke with Motos about her open relationship after the presenter asked her about her. Lali explained that each couple sets their rules to make it work: "You have to be loyal, which is not the same as being faithful". "The basis of everything is to love frankly," explained the actress, who believes that people "get scared and imagine a huge orgy" when they speak of "free love."

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