June 21, 2021

“Laker Nation, I’m going to the heart,” Lebron James’s exciting speech by Kobe Bryant

“Laker Nation, man, I’m going to go straight from the heart,” Lebron James began his emotional speech at a shrill applause from the crowded crowd at the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles “I know that at some point we will have a memorial for Kobe , but I focus on the celebration tonight. ”

“This is a celebration of 20 years of blood, sweat, tears, tiredness, recovery and determination to be the best possible,” said Bryant, who played 20 years. seasons with the Lakers, 18 as a star, and won five NBA championships. “Tonight we celebrate the boy who came here at 18 years old, retired at 38 years old and probably became the best father we have seen in the last three years,” said Bryant, husband and father of four daughters . “

Kobe is a brother to me … and throughout my career, we shared that determination to win and be great. ” “Together with my teammates, I want to continue their legacy not only for this year, but as long as we can play the basketball we love because that’s what Kobe Bryant would want.”

“Then, in the words of Kobe Bryant, Mamba out,” he said, referring to Bryant’s famous closing after his last game as Laker in April 2016. “But in the words of us, you’ll never forget,” he said.

“Live in brother.” And you could see players, coaches and fans drying their tears


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