March 6, 2021

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper can expect a child, according to 'In Touch' – The Province

The chemistry between Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper continues to fuel the expectations of the heart press, whose new rumor suggests that the singer and actress may be expecting a baby from her co-star and director in A star has been born. This was announced on the cover of the tabloid magazine yesterday In Touch Weekly, although the news has not been confirmed by any of the protagonists, despite having spread quickly through social networks.

"Everybody says that Gaga is radiant and hiding her little pregnant girl … Of course, the only person who could be the father is Bradley, we are waiting for her to make the formal announcement", says one of the statements made by the aforementioned medium in the voice of a presumed close friend of the couple. In addition, the cover magazine even announces exclusive information about the strategies of the couple to be seen in secret and that, according to the aforementioned media still has no wedding plans.

This rumor has caught on with special force following the breakup of Bradley Cooper with the Russian model Irina Shayk, after four years and with a daughter in common, who placed all eyes on Lady Gaga, which many media blamed this separation. The three involved became a topic of conversation for days, until Lady Gaga herself stood and spoke about it in one of her last concerts.

Also his complicity during his interpretation of Shallow at the last Oscar Awards ceremony, where A star has been born opting for eight statuettes, raised rumors about a possible relationship beyond the big screen.

The relationship between them has never been confirmed but, rather, quite the contrary, because the singer recognized that this famous performance at the Dolby Theater was a theater to promote the film. "It was very important for both of us that there was this connection all the time … When you sing love songs that's what you want people to feel, I'm an artist and I think we did a good job," Lady Gaga commented a few days later. on Jimmy Kimmel's television show.

On the other hand, the singer already went to the step of other information of the magazine Star in the same sense last May in Twitter. "Rumors that I'm pregnant? Yes, I'm pregnant with # LG6," Gaga wrote in relation to what will be his sixth album, which, at the moment has no title. Gaga's latest album, Joanne, It came out in 2016.


All in all, the fans of the tandem -as far as we know, cinematographic- formed by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper are in luck, because their reunion on the big screen could come true soon thanks to the third installment of Guardians of the Galaxy, of the Marvel studies where the actor and director plays the raccoon Rocket.

As recently announced and echoed by the PROVINCE, the actress and singer is supposedly negotiating his appearance in this film that has already begun the production process and in which Lady Gaga could play Lylla, an otter that is the love interest of Rocket in the comics.

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