Lady Di bursts into 'the Crown' but does not overshadow Colman as Elizabeth II

Emma Corrin, in the role of Lady Di in & # 039; The Crown & # 039 ;.

Emma Corrin, in the role of Lady Di in 'The Crown'.

'The Crown'arrives in its fourth season in the 80s and the irruption of a weak and childish Lady Di rivals the strength of Margaret Thatcher in the new chapters of the Netflix series, in which, again, the best moments are in charge of Olivia colman Y Helena Bonham Carter.

Queen Elizabeth and her sister, Princess Margaret, lose space in this new installment of the series, which premieres this Sunday on Netflix, but it is impossible to beat the mastery of Colman and Bonham Carter, who they take over fiction every time they appear on screen.

Nor the stupendous characterization of Gillian Anderson as the 'Iron Lady' or the popularity of the character Lady Di (played by the young Emma corrin) are enough to take the lead from the two best actresses in the series, who say goodbye in a big way to their characters.

Starting in the fifth season, Imelda Staunton and Lesley Malville will take over and play the queen and her sister. Nor will Corrin repeat as Lady Di, who in the last two seasons of the series will be in charge of Elizabeth Debicki.

We will have to wait until 2022 to see if Staunton and Malville manage to make Colman and Bonham Carter forget, but in the meantime, you can enjoy their great performances in this fourth season.

The relationship and the confrontation between Queen Elizabeth and Thatcher -the first woman to hold the post of Prime Minister of Great Britain- give away the best moments of the 10 episodes of a season that comes preceded by a great interest in seeing Diana Spencer on the screen.

After a third installment in which Prince Charles lets Camilla Shand, who is married to Andrew Parker Bowles escape, 'The Crown' begins the fourth with Prince Charles (again Josh O'Connor) on the desperate search for a wife and future queen.

Peter Morgan, the creator and screenwriter of the series, paints a portrait of Lady Di with little condescension. He presents her as a fragile, inexperienced young woman, with little preparation and problems with bulimia, exacerbated by the coldness of her husband and the royal family.

A story that has been told everything and that is fresh in the collective memory since since the death of Princess Diana, in 1997, not a single detail of her biography has been left undiscovered.

On the screen, and with a superb staging, now mythical moments in the history of Lady Di appear. From the announcement of the engagement and the wedding to her first official trip to Australia (sequences actually shot in Spain) or her first encounters with her husband's lover. All as real as known.

If to that we add that Emma Corrin's work is more of imitation than of interpretation, the result is that the most interesting thing about the new season of the series is in many other characters.

It is in a queen who begins to see her family structure falter, in a Princess Margaret who begins to experience health problems and who discovers dark secrets of her family, in a Prince Charles who has lost the love of his life or in a Princess Anne who feels unfairly isolated.

Without forget the accurate portrait of Margaret Thatcher, a powerful and ruthless woman in a world of men and that by trying to impose herself multiplied the defects of her predecessors.

Gillian Anderson gets into Thatcher's shoes not only in her gestures, but also in her attitude, which allows her to star in a high-profile duel with Colman / Elizabeth II.

Because although this new installment of 'The Crown' seemed destined to glorify Diana spencer, in reality it is still a terrain dominated by Queen Colman and her assistant and sister, Margaret.


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