July 27, 2021

LACOOOP, the first marketplace of cooperative housing

During the crisis, the real estate development found in the cooperatives the perfect formula to develop projects in which the risk was “distributed” thus obtaining access to financing. With the return to the path of economic growth, this trend, far from dissipating, has become a unbeatable opportunity to save around 20% on the purchase of housing. The failures and frauds of the past generated a bad reputation that today, in such a regulated and professionalized sector, has no place. Many cooperative homebuyers can ignore the particularities, operation, advantages and guarantees of the cooperative regime. With the aim of helping, informing and advising those people who are looking for a house with this purchase regime, the online platform was born LACOOOP, a “start-up” one hundred percent Spanish that identifies the different homes in cooperative regime by cities, and lets the user know how much will be saved, if the construction has begun, the delivery time, etc. Baptized as «Lamadrelascooperatives», LACOOOP makes available to all users, and free of charge, experts in real estate, banking and legal matters to resolve all doubts that may arise about what it means to buy a house through a cooperative, and thus promote access to the Housing with all the guarantees.

«Buying a home in this scheme can be around 20% cheaper because the margin that the developer takes away disappears. In this case, the promoters are the buyers and there is a manager that helps the members of the cooperative to bring the project to fruition. The manager adapts to the economic needs of the cooperative who puts 20% of the value of the flat and the rest the bank through a mortgage. Money is protected at all times. We are the mother of cooperatives because we accompany and resolve doubts, ”he explains. Augusto Abril, founder of LACOOOP.

What differentiates them from other real estate portals? «General real estate portals market (sale and rent), mostly built houses. Cooperative customers buy houses that do not yet exist – they are a project. Our mission is to entertain and help those who consider saving around 20% in the purchase of their home, turning them into experts and giving access to a very specialized marketplace that allows advanced and personalized searches », explains April.

Thus LACOOOP It identifies the different housing options in a cooperative regime by cities, and segments the search through the combination of «big data», social networks and an own algorithm to actively find the perfect match between the housing search engine and your home ideal. Not only does it by cities, but it identifies the houses according to certain peculiarities as if they have a pool, dressing room, kitchenette, barbecue, or even if it is close to supermarkets and schools.

Reach 300,000 users

This “start-up” has been operating since last August and Its objective is to register between 150,000 and 300,000 users in 2020. «A recent survey by LACOOOP, collects that most buyers had little knowledge about the operation of cooperatives when they began to consider the purchase through this regime. A lack of information that has led us to offer an editorial / informative part, in addition to our “marketplace” content, ”explains Augusto Abril.

Knowing the relevance that municipal land policies have in the supply and access to housing, and in the real estate sector,LACOOOP It has launched the first national survey to know and make public what are the measures and plans that will be carried out by the municipalities this year in this area.

Under the name of «LACOOOP Transparency», those responsible for housing in those municipalities with more than 50,000 inhabitants will be asked. “The objective is to quantify the commitment of municipalities with housing through the plans and strategies that they will develop this year beyond the promotion of housing for occupational protection (VPO),” says the founder of this “start-up.”

LACOOOP has launched the campaign “We raffle the entrance of your house”, a unique initiative in Spain that gives 20% of the value of a home purchased under a cooperative regime. Users who register with LACOOOP will fill out a form and with it they will be registered for the draw that will be held before a notary on February 16, 2021. Likewise, those people who do not find their ideal home can sign up for what LACOOOP calls «Armando Collective »and you will be notified when a new project fits your preferences.


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