May 11, 2021

Lack of vaccines for children under 60 leaves teachers and police in limbo

Despite this change in criteria, the Vaccination Plan for the moment has not completely rejected the vaccination of group 6, which includes 66,000 teachers and members of the FCSE (police, firefighters, military, etc.). However, for the moment and in the absence of establishing a specific vaccine to inoculate those under 60 years of age, the possibility of resuming its mass vaccination campaign for this group is in the air.

Health recognizes that, after the suspension of AstraZeneca in children under 60 years -on April 8-, the reorganization of the plan has affected this group, of which at least 47,200 people still have to be vaccinated, that is, 73% of the total. In this sense, according to the data provided by the Ministry of Health, some 18,700 people have been vaccinated in this group (28% of the total). Likewise, according to the latest data from the Ministry of Education – which was provided on April 7, the only day on which vaccination was resumed for this group – until then, there had been 10,636 teaching professionals vaccinated (5,983 corresponding to the province of Santa Cruz Tenerife and 4,653 to Las Palmas). According to Anpe Canarias, this figure represents approximately half of the entire teaching community in the Archipelago.

Madrid rules out giving priority to teachers and security forces


Despite the fact that there is still no guideline that supposes the absolute stoppage of vaccination in this priority group – and that the Ministry of Health denies that this possibility has been debated at the community level – the teachers look with astonishment at the news that they have been arriving from other autonomous communities. And it is that in these days, Galician Government sources have confirmed to Europa Press that the vaccination pattern that will be followed from now on – according to the Ministry itself – will be that of age, as it has prevailed in the last two weeks .

Another situation that makes teachers doubt the possibility of resuming this vaccination is that, almost two weeks after stopping AstraZeneca, it is still not known when the vaccination will be resumed for this group. The discontent is such among the teachers that Anpe Canarias yesterday denounced the suspension of the vaccination of these workers in the Islands, because since April 8 and until now, no teacher under 60 years of age has been called to receive any vaccination . The trade union organization claimed to understand that there may be a delay in vaccination as a consequence of the difficulties caused by the adjustment for age ranges of each type of vaccine, however, it argues that it does not understand why it has chosen not to continue with the teaching group. In addition, he criticized the lack of communication and transparency on the part of health and educational authorities towards teachers.

Outside the Operational Plan

And it is that this group does not even appear at this time in the Covid-19 Vaccination Operational Plan in the Canary Islands, where the vaccination order is established “based on the vulnerability marked by age and very high-risk pathologies.” In this document, it is established that the only vaccination for people under 60 years of age will be carried out in social-health workers (group 1), health workers (group 2), large dependents (group 4) and people at high risk. The Ministry of Health ensures, for its part, that the fact that they do not appear in this operational plan is not related to the complete suspension of their mass vaccination. An inoculation of the drug that the Health Administration depends on when it is decided at the national level which vaccine may be used in the population under 60 years of age. For its part, in the latest update of the State Vaccination Strategy – the fifth – this group does appear as one of the priorities. However, this document does not update their situation, since it maintains that “people in group 6 who start the vaccination schedule will be vaccinated with the AstraZeneca vaccine.” This circumstance cannot occur since the Ministry itself decided 12 days ago to stop any administration of this specific product in people under 60 years of age. This determination has its origin in the reports of very rare cases of thrombotic events in some patients who had been vaccinated with AstraZeneca in different parts of Europe. It is an extremely rare complication that is estimated to affect 0.0001% of those vaccinated, or even less. It should be remembered that due to covid-19, the risk of suffering a thrombotic event rises to 16.5% in patients with a serious prognosis and that even a drug as common as the contraceptive pill has a risk of 0.12% to cause these adverse effects.

AstraZeneca thrombi could affect 0.0001% of those vaccinated


Fluid communication

In any case, the teachers request that there be a fluid communication between the Administration and the group, given that today they do not have direct information about the plan to be executed. “We must remember that teachers are in contact every day with a large number of people, between students and other colleagues. In Infant and Primary, in addition, without a mask, because they have opted for bubble groups, “said Pedro Crespo, president of Anpe Canarias, who insisted that at the moment there are many teachers who lack any type of protection against the coronavirus . In fact, only in the last week six new educational outbreaks have been known throughout the Canary Islands. Two of them, one of the most numerous in Tenerife, affecting 14 and 12 people, respectively, by branching out in the family environment. “We have always respected the health criteria because we are not experts in the field, but we miss a bit of empathy and communication,” lamented Crespo.


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