Lack of personnel and coordination between institutions: shortcomings in the fight against sexist violence

Lack of personnel and coordination between institutions: shortcomings in the fight against sexist violence

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The report of the Deputy for Equality of the Common Council indicates that complaints in the area increased by 4.02% in 2010 compared to the previous year

Louisa del Rosario

The biggest deficiencies detected by the
Special Attachment for Equality between Women and Men and Gender Violence of the Diputación del Común in this area are "the lack of personnel, including specialized personnel, which generates delays or lack of administrative attention, as well as the lack of coordination between the institutions and administrations involved in this matter."

This is how he expresses it
in memory 2021 of the Common Council, which also states that
Complaints in the Department of Equality grew last year by 4.02% compared to the previous one going from 149 to 155, with 93 ex officio investigations and 62 complaints at the request of individuals.


  • Justice
    It is the area in which the most complaints are filed due to the lack of personnel and personnel specialized in gender violence. They also denounce the delay in aid.

  • City hall
    The Department of Equality asks that they act "immediately and effectively" in cases of "special vulnerability".

  • female mutilation
    The Attachment warns that there are 761 girls under the age of 14 in the Canary Islands who are at risk of suffering from it, for which it calls for a prevention protocol.

With respect to 2018, the year in which the Equality Attachment was created, a
369.70% more citizen complaintspoints to memory.

Most of these complaints have been filed, and in that order, against city councils, councils or the Government of the Canary Islands. and
They promoted 221 actions against these administrations. "There are several complaints registered due to the denial of certain aid or benefits to women victims of gender-based violence or the delay in resolving them," says the report.

Basic resources are lacking

In fact, 74% of the complaints respond to the lack of material and personal resources, 8% to issues related to housing. 5% with justice and 4% with benefits, help and access to resources.

It highlights «the number of complaints filed as a result of
housing problems and the need for housing for women victims of gender-based violence». There are situations of "particular vulnerability" and the "lack of basic resources is manifest" for this reason
asks local corporations that their action be "immediate and effectiveand must be instrumentalized through direct attention, the provision of social aid and advice to the affected person and her family unit.

It is in the Administration of Justice where the complaints are derived towards the lack of personnel, including the specialized one, says the Equality Attachment.

female genital mutilation

also highlights
files "related to the prevention of female genital mutilation". In the Canary Islands, it is estimated that there are 761 girls between 0 and 14 years old "at risk of suffering it," says the memory.

On Equality issues, the Deputy has received complaints about clothing in an educational center or about discrimination against women in the long jump tests for access to the Canarian Police.

The Equality Attachment also highlights that it is «
notorious lack of equity suffered by women in public social protection systems. In the case of older women, this affects them especially because, although they are the ones who have contributed the most to the well-being of society, they are the ones who benefit the least from the benefits of the system.

"Structural" inequality also affects "women responsible for family units" who are affected by unemployment or have low wages. And likewise she became interested in the problems of trans people, in particular the fact that feminizing genitoplasties.
In 2020, several trans women filed complaints given that they were not carried out in the Canary Islands Health Service but rather they are referred to hospitals outside the islands where there is already a long waiting list, which is why they are delayed for many years.


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