Lack of control in the Government: Tourism has a general director who goes free

The general director of Tourist Infrastructure, Fernando Miñarro Mena. / C7

He disavows Fernando Miñano Merra for his communication policy

EFE Santa Cruz of Tenerife

The Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce of the Government of the Canary Islands has warned against the practices of the
General Director of Tourist Infrastructure, Fernando Miñarro Menawho
"act on your own" and sends calls and press releases without authorization, outside the department,
even "counterprogramming" the counselor, Yaiza Castilla.

This denial of authorization by the Ministry to his senior position so that the communications he sends outside the official channels are not taken into account has been sent to the media following a call in Puerto de la Cruz sent by the general director
through the use of a private communication agency.

communication of
each ministry is managed by their respective press departmentsand the Government of the Canary Islands c
It also has the advice of a communication company, Metropoliswhich has won a contest in competition, so any communicative activity outside these channels is not authorized.

According to sources from the Ministry, Fernando Miñarro Mena has hired up to two communication companies to send press releases and calls without coordinating with the department and outside of any supervision and official channels.

The discomfort of the Ministry with its general director reaches the point of denouncing even that the general director has decided to place
plaques with his name at the inauguration of a park in El Tijarafeall this acting on your own.

"This park has been inaugurated being General Director of Tourist Infrastructure D. Fernando Miñarro Mena and Mayor of the Municipality of Tijarafe D. Marcos José Lorenzo Martín", indicates the plaque.

In the Government of the Canary Islands
"There are some procedures to work" through the press offices and official channels and for this reason the Ministry has
request to the media not to take into account calls or press releases outside that originn, like the call made for this Thursday by the general manager in Puerto de la Cruz.

The private agency hired by the senior official “does not have the validity to carry out any communication work on behalf of the Government of the Canary Islands,” warns the Ministry of Tourism.

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