Lacalle (PP) says he would raise pensions according to "the cost of living"

Lacalle (PP) says he would raise pensions according to "the cost of living"

The economic head of the PP, Daniel Lacalle, has assured this Thursday that if his party governs he will raise pensions according to "the cost of living" and, although he has not detailed what indicator he would use, he has discarded linking them to the CPI.

In an interview on Antena 3, Lacalle explained that the CPI is a weighted average of what is estimated to be the costs of a family, but that there are many people who do not consume in the same way, "as retirees", to however, we must guarantee that "they will live the same or better than the previous year".

Asked if they intend to cut the minimum interprofessional salary (SMI), Lacalle said that the PP had already signed with social partners an agreement to raise it to 900 euros in 2020, a pact that was broken by PSOE and Podemos, ahead of 2019 the rise and making "a tax increase" to companies and workers.

Regarding the proposal of Podemos to reduce working hours to 34 hours per week, Lacalle has asked "why not 20 hours?", While proposing measures of conciliation such as encouraging "women, when they have children , if they want, they can telecommute ", as well as end the presenteeism.

In terms of tax, Lacalle has defended a reduction of the IRPF, "so that families have more disposable income, can save and consume comfortably", as well as corporate tax, and a reduction and extension of flat rate to self-employed, "to that those who have a job have more capacity to invest ".

It has bet like this to realize a "fiscal revolution", reducing the fiscal effort to increase the income, because at the moment this effort is high and, nevertheless, it is collected little.


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