July 24, 2021

Laborda pleads for a Senate as a place of debate for autonomous communities

Laborda pleads for a Senate as a place of debate for autonomous communities

The former president of the Senate, the socialist Juan José Laborda, said today in Avilés that it does not make sense to be talking about the self-determination of Catalonia forty years after the adoption of the Constitution and has advocated that the Upper Chamber be the place of debate for the autonomous communities .

"The reason why we must reform the Senate is because the autonomous communities are related to the State, not through an institution such as the Upper House, but through political parties, and that an anomaly that creates many problems ", has indicated the president of this institution between 1989 and 1996.

Laborda, who has delivered a talk at the Municipal House of Culture within a cycle on the forty years of the Constitution, has indicated that it would be necessary to convert the Upper House into a permanent one so that the senators are elected in the regional elections and not dissolve as until now at the end of the state legislature "because that is an abnormality."

In addition, in his opinion, it would be necessary to give specific competences on exclusively regional issues such as infrastructures or cultural initiatives, among others, such as giving the Senate the possibility of defending the differential facts of the autonomous communities.

With these measures, it could end another abnormality that, in his opinion, exists in the Congress where there are national deputies and others who do not present or candidate for the presidency or programs to govern Spain.

"They are deputies who go to Congress and act as senators," Laborda, current elective member of the Council of State, has warned.

Regarding the possibility of abolishing the Senate, Laborda has warned that "if it did not exist, it would have to be invented, because in a State with the degree of decentralization like the Spanish or close the federal state or you open an institution where the autonomous communities can discuss each".

"It can not be that the autonomic debate is carried out outside the cameras, we have been dealing with the problem of Catalonia for ten years, has there been any debate on this issue where solutions are being sought?" He declared.


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