Labor will reopen the period to request the subsidy for the unemployed who exhausted their unemployment benefit

The period to request is reopened the subsidy of 430 euros for unemployed people who have exhausted their benefit. The Ministry of Labor led by Yolanda Díaz is going to approve an extension of the deadline to request extraordinary help, for a new period of one month, according to government sources explain to The measure comes after far fewer requests were registered than estimated in the three weeks during which the benefit could be applied for, and some potential beneficiaries complained that the information letter on the aid arrived out of time.

The allowance for the unemployed who exhausted their unemployment benefit will be paid from January

The allowance for the unemployed who exhausted their unemployment benefit will be paid from January

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Labor sources explain that the expansion will be approved this Tuesday, December 22, in the Council of Ministers, with a new period of one month to request assistance. This extension seeks that the subsidy reaches "more people" unemployed and without income, who have not found a job during these months of crisis due to the pandemic and exhausted their benefits in the middle of a health emergency. "The objective is that it reaches as many people better", they maintain.

The Government approved this extraordinary subsidy on November 3. It is intended for unemployed people who exhaust their benefits "between March 14, 2020 and June 30, 2020, both inclusive", during the first state of alarm, and according to the Ministry's calculations, it could benefit about 250,000 people. The aid has a maximum duration of three months.

Only 114,000 requests

However, the number of requests that the SEPE received was much lower. The Secretary of State for Labor, Joaquín Pérez Rey, reported that some 114,000 requests for aid had been registered, who explained that it will begin to be paid in January.

The period to request the subsidy was three weeks, until September 30, a period that the unions criticized as very "limited." The Ministry of Labor carried out an information campaign on the aid, on social networks and the SEPE offices, to which it added a letter that was sent by post to "all possible beneficiaries" of the benefit, the Ministry explained .

After knowing the number of applicants for the aid, which does not reach half the goal of 250,000 people, in CCOO they demanded that the deadline be reopened to request the subsidy so that it would reach all possible recipients.

In addition, several people reported that the information letter about the subsidy had reached them after the application deadline, after September 30, so they had not been able to request it even though they wanted to. Some of them claimed in the Ministry of Labor to reopen the period to request it, given the delay in receiving the information notice. The Ministry insisted that the letters were sent on November 6, so the delay seems to point to the Post Office. Those affected warned that, regardless of the reason for the delay, the consequence was their inability to request the subsidy and asked the Ministry headed by Yolanda Díaz for a solution.

Finally, Work will extend the period, so that interested persons who did not request the extraordinary benefit will have a new period of one month to do so.


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