Labor will establish this year a unified unemployment benefit system

The Minister of Labor and Social Economy, Yolanda Díaz, said that this year a unified unemployment benefit system will be ready that will expand the protection system and increase coverage.

During his appearance at the Committee on Labor, Inclusion and Social Security of the Congress to expose the fundamental lines of his department, Díaz has pointed out that the Ministry sets as a great objective to establish a new system of welfare protection and increase the Public Income Indicator of Multiple Effects (IPREM).

"Within the framework of the Social Dialogue we are going to propose a new regulation of the unemployment assistance protection system, providing it with greater stability so as to make it possible to raise the coverage rate and the intensity of the protection of unemployed people who need it", has pointed out.

In this sense, it has affected that the Government will establish within this year a unified system of unemployment benefits in which, in addition, administrative burdens will be reduced with automation of subsidies similar to contributory benefits.

The Minister of Labor has indicated that this new system is in line with the model of protection of the countries of the European environment and with the reports of the Council of Europe and the Social Charter, and recalled that Article 41 of the Constitution places the public authorities to provide "sufficient social benefits in situations of need and, emphatically, especially in case of unemployment."

Another of the ministry's challenges will be to modernize the Wage Guarantee Fund (Fogasa) so that it is more agile, and so that the public treasury recovers those amounts that correspond to the companies to pay according to the legislation.

Díaz is committed to improving the staff structure of Fogasa, with a reduced cost.


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