Labor says that the delivery men are employed workers and they are officially registered

Labor says that the delivery men are employed workers and they are officially registered

The Labor Inspection of Valencia considers that the distributors of the company Glovo are employed by this company, so they must be included in the General Social Security Scheme, whose registration has been officially reported.

This is stated in the Labor Inspection resolution, to which EFE has had access, issued after the complaint filed months ago by CCOO, which calculates that there are more than 200 people affected by this resolution in the city of Valencia.

The Labor Inspectorate began the proceedings on March 27, 2018, by means of an inspection visit to the work center of this company in Valencia, to which were added the appearances of the business representatives, on April 13 and July 3, and of the workers, through questionnaires facilitated the denominated "glovers".

After the checks carried out, the Inspection considers that in the rendering of services of these distributors "the constitutive budgets of the work contract concur, that is to say, dependence and alienation".

In this sense, it understands that "it proceeds to the inclusion of workers 'glovers' in the field of application of the General Social Security Scheme".

As a result, he adds, "the corresponding quota settlement act has been extended and the registration of the affected 'glovers' must be officially reported to the General Social Security Scheme in the contribution account code of the company Glovoapp23, SL for the months of service provision ".

In a statement, the secretary of Trade Union Action, Occupational Health and Environment of CCOO PV, Daniel Patiño, has assured that this resolution reaffirms what the union has been denouncing, that the employees of this type of companies "are workers and workers on behalf of alien and have to be treated as such in terms of protection, rights and working conditions.

"This platform economy model is unsustainable because it does not respect the most basic labor rights," said Patiño, who said that CCOO's trade union action "will continue to focus on regularizing decent working conditions and organizing its workers and workers so that their demands become stronger ".

CCOO PV has valued this resolution, which, as highlighted, "has allowed the emergence of a submerged economy or poorly framed in the autonomous regime, and implies losses to Social Security and the exclusion of the labor law of a vulnerable group, which is increased especially during these Christmas holidays due to the increase in distribution activity ".


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