Labor resumes the massive sending of notices to update the wages of domestic workers



new campaign for regularize the employment status and wages of domestic workers. The Labor and Social Security Inspectorate has initiated a new Action Plan with the focus on workers hired part-time, according to the ministry led by Yolan Díaz. The action involves a massive mailing of letters addressed to employers, who will be offered technical assistance and information to proceed with the regularization of wages that are below the minimum wage and the corresponding regularization of Social Security contributions. Social.

If this work plan is not complied with, families face fines ranging from 6,250 euros to 187,515 euros for not registering the domestic worker or not adjusting the salary to the current minimum wage.

The inspection action for this year takes place after the project launched in this sector in February 2021 with people employed full-time. On that date, a total of 45,019 communications were sent for the regularization of up to 47,749 labor relations, according to figures provided by the Ministry of Labor. After the campaign, more than 82% of employers have regularized the employment status of these workers. In addition, 93.1% of the updates implied an increase in remuneration with respect to that declared before receiving the letter.

The increase in contribution bases amounted to 21,175,714.94 euros and Labor calculates a growth in wages of 83,023,043.88 euros.

minimum salary

Families with a contracted domestic worker must apply the SMI approved last September and
adjust to the new table
. From the platform specialized in home assistance Aiudo they remember that 1,125.83 euros per month correspond in 12 payments -including the extras proportionally- to pay the hired domestic workers about 40 hours per week; 1,055.60 euros per month for 35-hour weekly shifts; 904.80 per month for 30 hours per week; 754 euros per month for 25 hours; 603.20 euros per month for 20 hours and 452.40 per month for 15 hours (see interleaved table).

Likewise, households with a housemaid by the hour, that is, with hours that add less than 40 hours per week will have to set the amount that is established at 7.55 eurosas stated in the BOE.

But, it is not only appropriate to pay a salary since you have to add the Social Security fee when regularizing the employment situation. The contribution rate for common contingencies based on the corresponding contribution will be 28.30%. This percentage is in turn divided into an amount of 23.60% paid by the employer and 4.70% paid by the domestic worker and deducted from the gross salary.

There is also a 20% reduction in the business contribution to the Social Security contribution for common contingencies for female workers registered as of January 1, 2012. This reduction in contributions will be extended with a bonus of up to 45% for large families when the two ascendants carry out a professional activity as an employee or self-employed outside the home.


To proceed with the regularization of wages and contributions of domestic workers, the owner of the family home must communicate to the General Treasury of the Social Security the real salarywhich in no case may be less than the SMI or the proportional part corresponding to the hours worked.

On the website of the Social Security Labor Inspection you can find a website with all the detailed information on the different ways to regularize wages and contributions: both in the Social Security General Treasury Portal (Importass), at through the RED System (social graduates, agencies and authorized professionals) or by sending a form that can be accessed in a QR available on the website.

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