Labor proposes to extend the current ERTE by one month and that the new ones be applied from November

New trading day for ERTE, which will continue tomorrow, Friday. The main novelty of this day, they explain from the unions, is the offer of the Ministry of Labor to extend the current regulation files one more month, until October 31, and that the new conditions that are agreed for the ERTE are applied from the November 1 to January 31, 2022. The intention is to give companies time to process the new ERTE applications and that no one is left unprotected on the way, union sources explain.

Escrivá proposes eliminating the extraordinary 'unemployment' for low-income self-employed and subsidizing their fees

Escrivá proposes eliminating the extraordinary 'unemployment' for low-income self-employed and subsidizing their fees

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"Two simultaneous agreements will be signed: one, for the extension of the ERTE in the same conditions in which they are, valid until October 31; and the VI ASDE, with new conditions and valid from November 1 to January 31, 2022, so that companies have time to renew the ERTE request (they must do so from October 1 to 10, and the administration will have to respond within the following 10 days) ", explained CCOO in a brief statement at the end of the meeting held this Thursday.

UGT sources confirm to this medium that "this possibility is being studied", as has been raised today at the negotiating table. Tomorrow, Friday, another meeting is called to negotiate this matter, so the union is confident that this proposal will be finalized.

The proposal has come from the Ministry of Labor, since this Thursday no member of the Ministry of Social Security attended the social dialogue table, which has not sat very well among social agents. Above all because One of the issues that generates the most friction at the moment is the conditionality of the aid to the listing of companies in ERTE to present a training plan for their workers, defended by Minister José Luis Escrivá.

Among the issues that depend on Labor, it is not closed what will happen to the so-called "zero counter" in the collection of unemployment benefits from workers in ERTE, which worries the unions. CCOO and UGT have asked the Government to arrive until June 2022, something that they say the businessmen share, but that they need the Government to pronounce.

Labor sources point out to this medium that "the extension of this measure is not ruled out" and that it is still being negotiated. The counter to zero since October 1 of last year consists in that people in ERTE consume days of the right to unemployment generated in their career but that, if they are dismissed before December 31, 2021, the SEPE undertakes to replace the days you have consumed in this ERTE period.

Administrative silence will be positive

The unions have also highlighted the agreement reached at the negotiating table this Thursday so that the new ERTE require a new request, but that in the event that the labor authority does not resolve it within ten days, the administrative silence will be considered as a positive answer. The first offer of the Executive proposed that the silence be considered as a negative answer.

CCOO has stressed that it insists "on recovering the fixed-discontinuous, which did not appear in the previous agreement, as well as that there are new ERTEs of activity limitation in the event that there are new restrictions."

This Friday, the negotiation of the files will continue, which must be closed before September 30, when the current conditions expire. The last previous Council of Ministers is next Tuesday, the 28th, so the parties are trying to reach a pact beforehand and that it is approved on this day.


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