Labor leader accuses Johnson of undermining government by supporting his adviser

British Labor Party leader Keir Starmer accuses Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson of undermining the government’s work by protecting his adviser, Dominic Cummings, after he “broke the rules” of confinement, in an article in “The Daily Mirror”.

Starmer urges “end this charade” and admit that Cummings, the architect of the Brexit victory in the 2016 referendum and that of the “Tories” in the past elections, violated the rules he himself designed when reuniting with his family. in the north of England during the peak of the pandemic.

The acts of the adviser, who has refused to resign or apologize, were “an insult” to the population that sacrificed itself to stop the spread of the coronavirus and reflect that “there are some rules for them and others for the rest,” writes Starmer.

“The Prime Minister’s lack of will or inability to do the right thing has made the government appear unprincipled and untrustworthy,” the article said.

The Labor leader, representing a more centrist wing than the one led by his predecessor, Social Democrat Jeremy Corbyn, calls on the conservative Johnson to promote “a good government”, which can be trusted and focused on “saving lives”.

Starmer reiterates his willingness to work “constructively” with the Executive to overcome the health crisis and asks him for a better system for contagion tracking that guarantees the containment of the virus while deconfining it.

It demands that the number of daily diagnostic tests among the population be increased to 250,000 and that 50,000 tracers of possible infected be hired, compared to the 25,000 recruited by the Government, who as of today are in charge of contacting those who have tested positive in a test and locate their contacts, to ask them to isolate themselves even if they do not present symptoms.

Starmer also asks the Executive for a “COVID Test Guarantee” -that the tests will be done within 24 hours-, and that the mobile application that should help in the detection of possible infections, which the Government is still testing in a pilot test.

The UK has exceeded 37,000 deaths from COVID-19 in residences, homes and residences.


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