Labor Inspection forces the Xunta to distribute masks among all its staff

The Labor Inspectorate orders the Xunta to distribute masks to all its staff and not only to those officials who work with the public. The resolution comes after a complaint from the Workers' Commissions union in which it was revealed that the Galician administration forced the majority of its staff to bring protection elements from their homes. The complaining union welcomes the decision taken but, through a press release, says it regrets that the Xunta had not responded to its demands ex officio and without the need for the mediation of a third party.

The PPdeG rejects "give away masks in general" to schoolchildren: "It's protection, not education"

The PPdeG rejects "giving masks in general" to schoolchildren: "It is protection, not education"

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The complaint filed by the union with the Labor Inspectorate emphasized that the Galician Government had decided to breach its own regulations by not providing the protection material against COVID to its workers.

It is not the first time that the political power around the Popular Party of Feijóo has put a stop to assuming the cost of masks in places where there are concentrations of people. Last week the PP voted against a parliamentary proposal that proposed the co-financing of masks for students who had started the school year. The PP argued that the masks "have nothing to do with Education".


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